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Who Created 10X?


DR. WINNIFRED B. CUTLER, the biologist who discovered human sex attractant pheromones in 1986 (TIME magazine 12/1/86).  

ATHENA INSTITUTE NOW MARKETS HER TRADE SECRET FORMULA FOR MEN TO CUSTOMERS IN 130  COUNTRIES.  She has authored 8 books on wellness and 50 scientific papers on sexuality and health. Dr. Winnifred Cutler has lectured both gynecologists and psychiatrists on PHEROMONES AS SEX ATTRACTANTS at their annual conventions respectively in Philadelphia and New York. Her invited talks earned them Continued Medical Education credits

ATHENA PHEROMONE 10X™ Gets You More Affection From Women


 “Just wanted to let you know how amazing your product is. My first bottle didn't do much for me, but when I started on the second the results were amazing. I have always had moderate success with women, but the difference is astonishing, I literally have girls fighting for my attention. They call me, invite me over, and won't leave me alone. I am a college student and am now having 3 times the [intimate] encounters I used to...simply amazing. I have never dated more than one women at a time. I am currently dating 4, so either all the women at my school are changing, or it's the 10X. Thanks for changing my life. Thanks for a great product.
–Ben (FL)
Actual customer’s product review on file.

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I'm a salesman. Will 10X help me Sell More?


It might. These 10X users say it does. (Actual customer reviews on file.)
Obviously Athena Pheromones only help in face-to-face selling. But this proof is "anecdotal", technically..not hard scientific evidence like the 3 published 6 week studies proving the effectiveness of Athena Pheromones.

JEREMY (TX) said: "Please send me 10 more vials of 10X for men. We are using it as a sales tool because it seems to be working. We are asking our salesmen to wear the 10X-spiked fragrance because customers want to stay with the sales person much longer. It seems to keep the customer interested in hearing what the sales person has to say. We sell a variety of industrial products. Can you get it here as soon as possible, please, by FedEx?"

ETHAN (MA) SELLS PORSCHES "The 10X works good for sales. I am the #1 salesman here and this product really helps! It makes the sale more warm. A lot of women write a lot of letters about how sincere I am... but I really notice a difference when I run out of 10X. We sell Porsches, Saabs and other foreign cars."