Athena Pheromone 10X for men --Customer Testimonials

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Athena Pheromones have proven to be effective in rigorous, published scientific studies. And our customers tell us what the studies prove, Athena Pheromones work to increase the romance in their lives.

Athena customers always reach a live person when they call during office hours. Often they can even catch Dr. Cutler during a break from her research. Here is what the men of all ages who enjoy 10X tell us, we respect customers' privacy so names are changed.

Athena Pheromone 10Xtm for men - Customers have been ordering since 1995

Jason D. (IL): " HI Dr. Cutler; Would like to convey to you my experience of using 10X for men, over the last few weeks since I began re-using the product. I am currently a Limo driver in Chicago and have the pleasure of being in contact with a cross-section of clientele most people will never, ever meet - both male and female.

The fact I am in a "closed environment" of an automobile for 30 - 60 minutes (on average) with the 10X product on my face and neck, has given me a near-clinical situation to empirically "test" the results. I started re-using the product about 6 weeks into the job and then IMMEDIATELY noticed a 50% increase in "tips" from my female passengers. This is no exaggeration. I can document this from trip logs if necessary.

Your product works in every way you claim it does, however there is a "downside" to it. I refer you to the truism, 'be careful what you wish for, you might just get it.' When one desires to attract someone else, they should be prepared that those they "attract" are people they themselves are not attracted to.

This happened to me rather quickly after resuming use of the product. One must be prepared to deal with the situation ahead of time to defuse it quickly so you do not hurt that person's feelings.

As an aside, last week my mother passed away and at her wake I had two females - an hour or so apart in the reception line - make the comment, 'you have movie star looks". The first one I took as a quaint compliment; the second I thought, 'What the {heck} is going on?' When I look in the mirror the last thing I think is 'movie star looks'. So maybe there is something more going on and the only thing I can think of is your product."

Dr. Fitzgerald (PA): "It works let me tell you. Well, you know it makes women hug you. I've had a couple of serious conservative women, in business situations you know. And at the end of the business conversation... they hug. These women haven't hugged anyone in years. It works! I am a physician and I retired a couple of years ago... And I go with a woman in her 30's. Let me say this; it does work! I could tell you more but I had better not.

Charlie (Scotland): "I’m the ultimate cynic, degree and MBA educated and always suspicious of product claims. But during the six month period I’ve used this product, my hit rate with women went from about 2 a year, to 7 in six months."

Ralph (NY): " I want to get a vial of the 10X as fast as possible to my post office box. Yes express service would be good, thanks. Oh, Is this the Dr? It’s nice to meet you, Dr. Cutler. I read your ad in the December issue of Men’s Journal but I talked to a guy at work who says he wouldn’t go out without the Athena on; he has tons of girlfriends and he swears by your product."

Mike (FL): “I had used your product for more than a year, I had great luck with it and had a fabulous girlfriend,things were great. Well, I started to take it for granted and thought ‘I don’t need that anymore.’ Slowly things changed. The girlfriend left. Women were not as attentive, I knew that there was a definite effect of the 10X but things slowly slipped away. I had a small amount in a vial left over that I was saving for a ‘rainy day’. I was going to be visiting with some women acquaintances this week and thought -Oh what the heck”, and put a little on. The difference is night and day. This week I have spoken with more women than I have in a very long time. they come up to me! This has not happened recently, but I remember when it used to happen - when I was using 10X. This is now a necessary part of my daily routine, applying Athena 10X every day with my favorite afer shave. Life is the proving ground for your product. it works.”

Geoff (NY): 10X Reorder “This stuff is phenomenal. You can actually notice the look on women’s faces. I can tell I am being looked at. It is fantastic! ***This time, could you please send me 6 vials?”

Dom (CO): “It seems like every month people are more friendly. Its weird. I have never mixed it with aftershave, I use it straight. Its really funny it seems like, especially females know it works and it gets better the more I wear it. I work with the public and it seems people are a lot nicer. I work at an airline counter. You know people are all stressed out about traveling. But with the 10X everyone is so much nicer. It is really weird. Very nice.”

Peter (TN): " I want to order two more vials of the 10x and one empty mixing bottle. It works. I am a swimmer and I keep one bottle at the gym, one at my office and one at home. I put it on every day. You don’t want to know the details because it wouldn’t be appropriate. But let’s put it this way; it makes people friendlier. It really works.

I am a broker and would like to have your business. I am sure you are making a lot of money because the product works. I have made a lot of people good money in the stock market and would love to serve your account Dr. Cutler."

Jeremiah (RI): I would like to order a 3rd vial of Athena Pheromone 10X. The effects are subtle but really quite interesting. I am a medical examiner, and have reviewed the various products being advertised. Yours is the only one that has real science behind it and I like the 10x a lot. I really do notice differences when I am wearing it. One weekend I covered myself readily with the 10x and went out and was scoring on a level I never achieved before.

Dr. Jared (HI): Reordering 10X “Is this the lady who invented this formula? Congratulations! It changes people’s feelings so easily into just willingness to listen or to be involved. It opens up avenues of communication. I am a psychophysical therapist. I love the work I am doing. Your product is absolutely great. Keep up the good work, Dr. Cutler.”

Anthony (TX): I would like to get 2 more vials of the 10x for men and more mixing bottles. I have been using the 10x ... for about a month.

I’ve really noticed a difference. I’m 24 and whatnot... I’m not a bad looking guy. I’ll talk with different girls at the health club, at work...whatever situation. But now they get close, they get a lot more touchy... and its really noticeable. I told my brothers about it and they want some 10x too. I’m the youngest of 5 kids. The Athena really works! I really notice the difference in the way girls get closer and act friendly. Thanks a lot!"