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Published Science on Athena Pheromones

Below is a list of peer reviewed studies that have been published on Athena Pheromones and pheromonal influences.

Pheromonal influences-from Dr. Cutler's published work

  1. Human Axillary Secretions Influence Women's Menstrual Cycles: The Role of Donor Extract from Men. Hormones and Behavior 20:463-473, 1986.

  2. Human Axillary Secretions Influence Women's Menstrual Cycles: The Role of Donor Extract from Women. Hormones and Behavior 20:474-482. 1986.

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  5. Human Sex-Attractant Pheromones: Discovery, Research, Development, and Application in Sex Therapy. Psychiatric Annals 1999; 29:54-59, 1999.

  6. Pheromones, sexual attractiveness and quality of life in menopausal women. Climacteric. Vol. 5, Number 2, page. 112-121). Cutler WB, Genovese E) June 2002.

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Proofs of efficacy - 3 published studies

In 1995, 38 heterosexual men, aged 26-42, completed a 2-week baseline period and 6-week placebo controlled, double-blind trial, and proved 74% efficacy.

Philadelphia Study on Athena Pheromone 10x: Drs. Cutler, Friedmann, and McCoy's study of the Men's formula Pheromonal Influences on Sociosexual Behavior in Men. Archives of Sexual Behavior 27:1-13. 1998.

In 2001, two independent studies were completed testing the women's product. The San Francisco study of women aged 19 to 48 proved 74% efficacy and the Boston study of postmenopausal women 47 to 75 showed 68% positive results. Both studies were published in peer-reviewed journals.

Full list of Dr. Cutler's Published work