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Men and Women have been enjoying Athena Pheromones since 1993. And many report (non-scientifically) that Athena Pheromones increase their sales, enhance their work relations, and make people friendlier.


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Athena Pheromones have proven to be effective in rigorous, published scientific studies. And our customers tell us what the studies prove, Athena Pheromones work to increase the romance in their lives.

Here is what the men and women tell us, we respect customers' privacy so names are changed:

Athena Pheromone 10:13™ for Women
Athena Pheromone 10X™ for Men:


I would like another vial of the Athena and another empty mixing bottle.

I find that since I started wearing the pheromone in my Calvin Klein people just are friendlier everywhere. This is New York you know...where people usually just rush right by you. First I noticed people just like opened the door and held it instead of rushing past me. People like took time out to say “hello”, were a little more friendly.

I found out about it when it was on ABC news. I saw that twins test where the one twin tested the 10:13 and the men were much more interested in her than her twin sister. It was amazing so I decided to order it.
It does make people a lot nicer. Even in New York! As advertised--I'm very impressed!”


Please send me another Athena 10:13. It enhances my sales. I am in Real Estate and my customers stay with me like I'm honey. They don't leave my side even when the house I am showing is awful. They say 'let's look at another house'. Also, they call me and ask me to show houses to them that other Realtors advertise as if they want to be near to me.

I have ordered many times and used it in several different fragrances. I do note a very big difference with wearing the pheromone and have tested it by not wearing it for awhile and then starting again. For me, it enhances my sales and, although I am good at my real estate work, this makes my sales even better. It makes people come to me and stay with me. They do not want to leave. I recommended it to my sister and to my friend. I am 39 years old. God bless you Dr. Cutler. Keep up the good work!”


“The 10X works good for sales. I am the #1 salesman here and this product really helps. It makes the sale more warm. A lot of the women write a lot of letters about how sincere I am (this is true) but I noticed the difference when I run out. My personal life drops way down. I guess that did provide some more time for business. But how soon can I get the 10X? Do you have an overnight Service? We sell Porsches, Saabs and other foreign cars.”


“This is my third or fourth Vial. I am not looking for romance but it works there too. My husband has definitely increased his interest. I use it for business. In business, having the Athena on is a definite advantage. I guess when my competitor and I have the exact same thing to offer, the subliminal message gives me the edge. Listen to this. We are moving to Amsterdam and needed to rent a place. The one we liked was 9000 guilders a month which we couldn't afford. The one in the Hague was tiny but in our range at 5000 guilders. I decided to make an offer for the more expensive apartment, expecting that my 6000 would be turned down. Not only did he accept it; he is putting in new carpet and other decorative changes. I am not that attractive, am 57. The Athena 10:13 gives me a definite advantage. Can you ship to Europe? I am glad to learn I can order by internet.


“I need to get another vial. It's interesting because we all use it in the family. Its amazing because I've gotten jobs because I am a contractor. I notice the biggest difference in how people respond to me. I'll go out to meet with potential clients; I do work in computers. When I use it regularly men, women alike... I can do no wrong. It is incredible the difference. I will wear the 10:13 in my fragrance and go out selling (my computer service). And other times I will go a week or so without it. I find the difference is really incredible. People respond to me so differently when I am wearing the Athena; I can do no wrong. I get the job!

Dr. Cutler, I think the next time you go on television to talk about your products, you should focus on the many benefits besides romance because I think when a woman is more attractive she benefits wherever she goes; whatever she does. Thank you.”


“I work as the only woman, in fact, the manager of a 25-person sales force and have had to deal with a great deal of hostility. Since starting 10:13, there is harmony. It is wonderful! I wish I could buy it in larger bottles.”

I learned about Athena from my therapist who would be a really great testimonial for you... She is great looking but was not having a good experience with men. Well in her mid 40s or so she told me she started using the stuff. The next thing she found she was attracting a great guy. Now they are married, she has a one year old baby and she told me she is going to continue using it forever because it keeps her husband’s interest. When she was my therapist, she recommended it to me. I do think the product works very well. Thank you Dr. Cutler! I am a believer, I know it works for me.”


“This is my second order of 10X. I originally bought it in December to try it out, being somewhat skeptical of your claims. I was amazed when after using the product for a week that women in my office went out of their way to talk to me, and lingered longer in my office. 10X works as


" My professor for the course in Hormones and Behavior at college advocated the research findings at Athena Institute. He even read your testimonials in class! It was in the psych department and, boy, he just LOVES you guys! I told my Mom what I learned last semester and SHE wanted your product."


Please send me 10 more vials of 10X for men. We are using it as a sales tool because it seems to be working. We are asking our salesmen to wear the 10X-spiked fragrance because customers want to stay with the salesperson much longer. It seems to keep the customer interested in hearing what the salesperson has to say. We sell a variety of industrial products. Can you get it here as soon as possible by Fedex?”


“I just ordered a vial of the 10X about 20 minutes ago. It is really excellent stuff and I wanted to call you back and tell you how great this 10X is. I use it for my work. Not trying to lure women but to make a little more money. Since I started wearing the 10X my sales increased by 8 units a month. I sell RVs (recreational vehicles). Women make the's like a house. The guy might be interested but it is the wife that makes the decision. I'm telling you I just stand back and show the features and the benefits. And the reaction! They (the women) don't come on to you, they just like you and then agree with you. They get along with you. And they buy! Now I am convinced having actually tested my sales with and without the 10X. I have sold 18 more RVs. I had more of those deals when I wore the 10X. It was phenomenal. My friend and I did this together and both of us got great results. He was buying one and I asked him to buy one for me. Now I am buying another and I am sure you will be hearing from him soon. We work together at his small mom and pop place. Well both of us-the sales went skyward. I am never going to be without the 10X in sales again. It gives me a phenomenal edge. The difference that turns an interested customer into someone who buys.”


“The Athena 10:13 is really working. I am an actress and since I've been wearing the 10:13 I have been getting roles! Went to an industry party and decided to experiment so I just walked a little around the room and men just kept coming up to me. The President of the network, the producers...I had the most fun time I have ever had!”


I need another vial of 10x please. I am a salesman, beauty supplies. You're out there on the road.

I deal with women all day and use the 10x as an approach. They are busy, they are grouchy, they have been on their feet all day. I just took over our territory and I am doing so well. Thanks so much!
It works. They stop being grouchy and want to hear what I have to offer them.


“I am a dentist and my business has increased ever since I started wearing the product. It is fabulous what has happened to my business.”


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