Magnetism in a Bottle

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Norwegian Magazine, MANN, covers Dr. Cutler's 1998 study on Athena Pheromone 10Xtm for men.

Excerpted by Athena Institute.

This is not fantasy, but science, emphasizes Dr. Winnifred B. Cutler (click for bio) from the University of Pennsylvania. After eight years of study she and some of her colleagues discovered an odorless chemical substance that attracts the opposite sex. Pheromones!

Let’s imagine you don’t have the experiences of Don Juan. That you don’t run around town with a wake of beautiful models in tow. Perhaps you have spent thousands of dollars searching, but with no results. Then imagine a magical formula that, as soon as you step into a room, you have instant success with the ladies. It exists!

This wonder cure is called 10X for men (click for product info) and contains pheromones. Pheromones are odorless chemical substances secreted by animals into their surrounding. Pheromones convey a wide spectrum of biological messages and also signal the opposite sex that it’s time for sex.

In the mid 70’s a scientific fact was established indicating that all animal species emit chemical information into their environment. In 1979 it was pointed out that the female secretes gender-unique pheromones to attract the males. At the same time the scientists discovered that the males secreted similar chemical signals.

Before 1986 there was not evidence to suggest that people secrete pheromones. But after eight years of study, Dr. Winnifred B. Cutler and her colleagues at the University of Pennsylvania made international headlines when they suggested that people also secrete gender-unique pheromones; however, a lot more research was necessary to identify and isolate the different compounds in these chemicals.

In 1993 Dr. Cutler introduced the essence 10:13 for women (click for product info) and in 1995 the male essence 10X. Thereafter she accomplished an extensive study which resulted in a well documented report.

The results were dramatic. They showed that 73% of pheromone users experienced positive effects whereas only 11% of the placebo users had similar effects. Women experienced a considerable amount of attention from men as well as men noting increased attention from women.

The degree of effectiveness was different between men and women. Or, it wasn’t as wild for the man as it was for the woman. But here we have to consider the cultural differences since fewer women as compared with men will actively confront a stranger of the opposite sex in social situations. - "We had sex perhaps five times a year. Now we have sex five a week," reported a male user of 10X.

"Other men wonder what I have that they don’t." "The women say ‘Something about you attracts me,'" another user reports.

Criminal lawyers, salesmen, and politicians are all said to use the essence in their work relations.

"We asked our salespeople to mix the pheromones in their after shave because it appears to work. The customers reacted by staying longer with the sales person than before," stated a sales manager.

The results of the study show the chemical secretions emitted by men can make their female partner more fertile, give them more regular menstrual cycles as well as make menopause easier. Furthermore, women who have regular sex with men, at least once per week, derive the greatest advantages from the chemical secretions.

"The most exciting aspect is the effect we have on one another. Men are important to women," says Dr. Cutler. She believes that pheromones also explain why women who live together menstruate at the same time. "Women who get exposed on a regular basis to another woman’s "essence" start to menstruate at the same time after a couple of months," she explains.

10X for men is a chemical copy made after studying the secretions of young, healthy, and sexually active men.

"When we transmit large amounts of pheromones, it makes us more attractive to the opposite sex. It increases your chances for attention, conversation, dates and possibly romance and sex. All this must be viewed as interconnected, not just sex alone," states Dr. Cutler.

In other words it’s a little up to you if the pheromones will work.


We are two fellows who have used 10X for men from the Athena Institute over a period of 6 to 8 weeks, the recommended time frame before you start noticing results. Both paid $99.50 (800 kroner) for the bottle plus $40.00 (300 kroner) for express delivery. If all this is true we have to act fast they thought. We both have a good amount of skepticism toward magic tricks and fairytales. Five weeks after using 10X in our after shave strange things began to happen. Specifically female attractiveness and closeness on a much larger scale than could be explained by mere coincidence. In a supermarket one of us noticed a lady following very closely behind his back. He had been using pheromones for a couple of weeks but didn’t think of that. Instead he became a little irritated and paranoid. Then he stopped.

-"Oh, pardon me," said the lady as she ran smack into his back.

She then grabbed the nearest box, her only purchase in her shopping cart. Only afterwards did we think about the pheromones. And if that wasn’t enough, for the first time in years a lady who usually sat next to him on the train started talking about the nice weather.

-"I almost can’t wait to get home to get out of these clothes," she said.

The test person had never heard such a statement from the lady on the train before.

Test person number 2 had an odd experience in a somewhat crowded bar. There were several vacant spaces between those who sat at the bar and the area where people came to order drinks. After about 15 minutes our man noticed that just about all the girls who came to the bar stood next to him. Many of them initiated conversations or just smiled at him.

In the narrow bar area by the disco floor a lady stopped in front of the test person and stared at him as if she knew who he was but couldn’t place him. And before that, as he made his entrance into the disco, a girl approached him. She said she had bought a beer for herself and her friend but her girl friend had bought her own. So she was wondering if he would like to have the remaining beer. In his confusion, our man said, "No thank you, I just bought my own."

Pheromones make the job easier. The rest, as we said before, is up to you.


COMMENT FROM ATHENA INSTITUTE: Both Athena Pheromone 10:13tm for women and Athena Pheromone 10Xtm for men are cosmetics that can increase your attractiveness to the opposite sex. Neither product is an “aphrodisiac.”

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