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Athena Pheromone Science


Review the cutting edge pheromone research of Athena Institute and colleagues.Listed by most current publication/presentation;

Independent Scholarly Research investigating Athena Pheromones:

Recent Independent Study Published in The Journal of Sex Research: Nov. 2004 issue, independent double-blind, placebo-controlled study of pheromones and Postmenopausal women.

Independent Study Published in the journal, Physiology and Behavior. March 2002 issue. independent double-blind, placebo-controlled study of pheromones and reproductive-aged women.

Scholarly Peer-Reviewed Published Athena Science

Pheromones, Sexual Attractiveness and Quality of Life In Menopausal Women: Article published in peer-reviewed scientific journal, Climacteric, June 2002.

Current Problems in Obstetrics,Gynecology, and Fertility: Mosby Medical Journal reissues updated monograph "Wellness in Women After 40 Years of Age" in two parts. January and April 2000.

Human Sex-Attractant Pheromones: Discovery, Research, Development, and Application in Sex Therapy. Published in journal, Psychiatric Annals. January 1999.

Wellness in Women after 40 Years of Age: The Role of Sex Hormones and Pheromones. Monograph published in Mosby's Disease-a-Month, September 1998.

Pheromonal Influences on Sociosexual Behavior in Men: A double-blind, placebo controlled study published in the scientific journal Archives of Sexual Behavior. 1998

Dr. Cutler in the Scientific Community

Dr. Cutler presents poster to the American Society for Reproductive Medicine at their annual meeting in Montreal, Quebec Canada. October 16-19, 2005. "Evidence that Sex Attractant Pheromone Effects Strengthen with Continued Use."

Dr. Cutler presents to the American Psychiatric Association at their Annual Meeting in New York, May 1-6 2004. With Dr. Barbara Bartlik, her symposium titled: How Sexual Attractiveness, Pheromones, Fertility, and Hysterectomy are Related.

Pheromones and Sexuality: Winnifred Cutler publishes essay describing her scientific path to discoveries about sexual attraction, how sexual behavior affects a woman's overall health, and that women over 40 do not have to feel "invisible" to men.

Pheromones and the Female Patient: Dr. Winnifred Cutler's invited article on pheromones and clinical applications for the female patient.

Dr. Cutler's Invited Monograph on Human Pheromones for 2004 Science Encyclopedia: Dr. Cutler explains the history of human pheromone research from the initial 1980's experiments to current research publications.

WebMDHealth August 14, 2000-- Live Mind Matters Auditorium. Discussing Love Cycles: The Science of Intimacy with Winnifred B. Cutler, PhD. This interview was also posted on MSNBC.com

Pheromones as Sex Attractants: Their Role in Human Reproduction. A Seminar presented by Dr. Winnifred Cutler at the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists 1999 meeting.

Human Sex Attractant Pheromones: Discovery, Research, and Development Poster Presentation at the International Society of Psychoneuroendocrinology XXXth Congress held in Florida on August 1, 1999.

The Discovery of Pheromones in Humans

" My research has consistently focused on what behavior a woman can engage in to increase her power, well-being, and vitality."

---Winnifred B. Cutler, Ph.D.

A portion of the profits from our book and pheromone sales helps to fund Athena's on-going research.