Athena Pheromone 10:13™ helps Mature Women Feel 'Seen' Again

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Athena Pheromones have proven to be effective in rigorous, published scientific studies. And our customers tell us what the studies prove, Athena Pheromones work to increase the romance in their lives.

A common issue for mature women that we hear often is feeling "invisible" when they go out into the world. Where as when they were young they used to enjoy rivers of attention, they now feel ignored and unseen. This issue has been covered in the news, and is dealt with in support groups.

Athena Pheromones have helped many women alleviate this problem.

Below is some actual feedback from our mature female customers (names changed for privacy)

Millie (CA) age 58, Public Health Nurse "I am thrilled with your Athena Pheromone 10:13. You did the research! Young men at the gas station they don't know why, but they are very attentive, there is a little twinkle in their eye. Like you are not invisible, like you are still in the game! I think you do amazing work."

Sherry (CO) age 56 "I would like to order 2 more vials to be shipped express. This product works! My clients stick to me like glue. I sell real estate and I can't believe how much I am selling. When I do open houses. I can't believe the business. I can't believe how well 10:13 works.

Yes, I do follow directions. I always do since in my business I know there is a reason for directions.

And I am dating this man. He's an anesthesiologist; I just love experimenting with the 10:13, especially on a doctor. All he says is "you smell so good". I have it in 3 different fragrances. And I put it a little above my upper lip.

I am 56. So, you know I am invisible. Or I was until I started wearing the 10:13!"

Ursula (Canada) age 68 "I am a long-time customer in Manitoba. I want to order a book this time. I have been a long-time user of hormone therapy, am 68 and I have been reading your brochure. Is this Dr. Cutler herself? How wonderful.

I must tell you that potion of yours is magic. It works so well I use it straight. I dab a little bit behind my ears. the effect is absolutely is startling. Especially in a confined a space like a small office, a lift (elevator) or a car. What happens you ask? Well you get so much attention. It's very easy to get a swollen head from the attention. I must tell you I am 68. And while I am very very fit and look much younger, there is no question of the effect of age. After a certain point in age, you become invisible to men. That is, they see you and they don't see. You can see it in their eyes. But once I began wearing the magic potion you have created, the results were astonishing. Completely unexpected. And with all age men. They actually "see" you. Let me tell you what happened last week.

I was in a taxi with a fairly youngish guy. He was driving and I was in the back seat of the taxi. He kept on watching me in the rear-view mirror, with very obvious interest. Finally, he began engaging me in conversation as we were driving. By the time I paid him, he turned to me and said,'You are the most fascinating woman I have come across in a long time.'

The same day I was in a lift, not sure what floor to get off, maybe looking confused. 'Can I help you?' said a young man. And when I told him the office I was looking for, he said, 'I will tell you what, I will take you there.' Dr. Cutler, I know you say that it doesn't work for every woman. but I believe they must be using it incorrectly. I trained as a psychologist, but the more I see of human behavior the more I have become certain that behavioral endocrinology is at the gist of it all

I can't thank you enough."

Jane (AL): "I love your 10:13 'Love Potion'. I am a 55-year-old woman who never leaves home without it. Men all treat me with the greatest respect and are so sweet to me. They are eager to please me, and offer to help or do special things for me.

Here is a good example: When I moved from a rental house to my own home, the move crew was exceptionally nice to me. The men were falling all over themselves to help me and do just as I asked. Their sweetness and politeness was amazing. Of course, I put on 10:13 every morning with my perfume.

Now that I am beginning to date again, and am searching for courtship, I find that men are very attentive and many of them get giddy silly when they meet me. After feeling invisible for a while, the attention is wonderful. Thank you again! Your products and writing enhance my life.

Feel free to use parts of my letter on your website. Please do not publish my full name."

Tanya (CA) "I wouldn't live without 10:13! I am a 62-year-old. I have been wearing it a little over 20 years. When you are 62 years old, you are invisible.

I am not invisible! I tell my girlfriends this at lunch: I am still happily married to the man I married at 22 years old. I went through the menopause and you are a little cranky, and people need to stay with you. He has and I love him dearly.

I went into Home Depot with a tile installer who went down the aisle to search for products. The young man who worked there literally pole vaulted to help me. I can be in an entire room of people and my girlfriends are ignored while I am 'visiting with the children'. Your work is so wonderful.

It really is true, you are what you smell. And Dr. Cutler, I love getting you occasionally on the phone."

Bonnie (CA) "I would like 3 vials of your magic potion. I love your product. It makes a difference!

I own a software company and I am a postmenopausal female. It's like I am invisible unless I am wearing your potion. It's fascinating. I run a big data meetup--like a group event for geeks. I have a guy who is a math professor, he wanders around barefooted, all geeks who are wonderful to know.

So last week this company is hosting our event. We try to help people in big data get jobs. This last week, our group got shunted onto the wrong floor and what seemed like the wrong group event, we were on the wrong floor. We were dressed like math geeks. But most of the people wore suits, ties, expensive getups. These men were not math geeks like we were. Turns out they were venture capitalists and we had been shunted to them to make it look like more people showed up for their event than had really chosen to. I was dressed in ripped up blue jeans, and a very very oversized t shirt. I was not dressed to meet VC people. I had your stuff (1013) on. I had just had the most stressful day. I was not prepared to meet people. Just to hang out with fellow geeks. But it was amazing. I put it on and I was able to meet and converse and with all these VC guys. One, he like followed me around for the next day. Anyway, VCs were asking me for my card."

The above comments were from actual customers (names changed for privacy) Athena Pheromones are unscented cosmetic fragrance additives that increase wearers' sexual attractiveness. AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE HERE

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