Athena Pheromone 10:13 for Women --Customer Testimonials

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Athena Pheromones have proven to be effective in rigorous, published scientific studies. And our customers tell us what the studies prove, Athena Pheromones work to increase the romance in their lives.

Athena customers always reach a live person when they call during office hours. Often they can even catch Dr. Cutler during a break from her research. Here is what the women of all ages who enjoy 10:13 tell us, we respect customers' privacy so names are changed.

Athena Pheromone 10:13tm for Women -
Customers have been ordering since 1993:

Erin: This is Erin and I would like to get a second vial of the Athena Pheromone. There are things that I can only attribute to this pheromone. I am decently attractive, in good shape. Single for 8 years, really interested in a new relationship, nothing changed. Since I started wearing the 10:13 two months ago, I have literally had men noticing me, paying attention to me, acting attentive.

I might be out shopping, minding my own business and they almost jump out of the woodwork. Peculiar. In all honesty this has not happened before. The first time it happened, hmm. . I thought maybe coincidence. Now it has happened several times. Men will definitely notice me more. Yes it's very nice. I am 61. I am self employed...I get unpaid days off, but I don't get fired. And yes, please send me your book Searching for Courtship!

Amy: I was dancing with a man. I could not figure out why I was like a teenager. Giddy, attracted. And then he told me he was wearing the pheromone ( for men) from Athena.

This stuff really does work. I first learned about you from the Sierra Club many years ago. Today I went on line and looked up Athena Institute to find your phone number. Please send me two vials and two blue rod bottles: one for me, one for a friend. Priority please.

I want to order two more vials of the Athena Pheromone 1013. Oh, is this you Dr. Cutler? I read all of your books especially focused on your monograph on women over 40. I tell all my friends both about the product and your books and science. Especially the after 40 hormone monograph; it gives you a lot of information. There is so much misinformation out there and I really appreciate the way you clarify what the science can teach. I had no idea that the acceleration of bone loss occurs in the 7 years before menopause.

The information on wellness in women after 40 is particularly valuable for me; what shocked me most was to realize that by age 37, I was already likely to be losing bone. And the courtship book! Actually everything at the Athena Institute!

As for the pheromones they actually do enhance the interaction with-- my fiance now... but (also) with men in general. It (the 10;13) definitely has had an impact on my interactions with the male of the species. (I went to Bryn Mawr; we are a strange lot) but I also have my friend from Smith using it. Thank you so much Dr. Cutler.

Carla (Germany): " Thank you so much for discovering the Pheromones. I don't leave the house anymore without wearing 10:13! Men's behaviour changes completely for the better: They are more polite, friendly, ask me to dance with them or start a conversation... Even when I simply "pass by" they turn their heads! Isn't that incredible?! And I owe it all to Mrs Ph.D. Winnifred B. Cutler! Thank you again."

Lilly (MD) "I would like to get one more vial of Athena Pheromone 10:13; it makes a big difference in my relationship with my husband. He is very unromantic by nature. We have only been married a year and a half. He was not romantic from the start. But now...he stares at me all the time. I mean all of a sudden I realize he is not watching TV, he is watching ME! He is acting more romantic. He initiates hugs and kisses. He is watching me, with a gleam in his eye! Dr. Cutler, thank you very much for this product. It is wonderful!"

Mary (email): "Thank you so much. Yours is the most customer friendly company I have ever known. So personal, just nice, regular people to talk to, not cold and corporate at all. You took the time and trouble to call me twice ... This whole experience was a very pleasant surprise. Actually,  in this day and age it almost borders on a miracle. You are all just really nice and I can't tell you how much it's appreciated. Thanks again."

Vanessa (TX): "I want to order another vial of 1013. I love it. I love it. I love it! I like the way I feel when I wear and... AND in every other way it works. I have been using it for years, (since you first came out with it, when I was living near Athena Institute in Penna). Now I live in Texas and it works here as well.

It does attract men. And when I am in a relationship, if we start to be intimate, I find it increases the experience. I have had 3 relationships since I have been using the 10:13 and it does work!

If you ever need me to be in a study, I would love to do this. ... You could test it the way I use it. Besides what the directions say, I put the 10:13 mixture wherever I want to be kissed. Test that and you will see it works!"

Beth (TN): "Please send 1 vial and a blue bottle. I love this stuff. I have really noticed a difference. Dr, Cutler how nice that you are answering your own phone today. The 1013... it is fabulous! The men are much more attentive. If I don’t put on perfume I feel like I am missing something. I have never had trouble dating men. But since the 1013, I have noticed a real difference. I have definitely become one of your faithful customers. I don’t know what you are doing but it is awfully good. I am going to be 50 years old this year. I have noticed that men pay much more attention to me. Even young men. And it is a good attention, not a perverted attention but a kind of sweetness in men. Dr. Cutler, it is a real pleasure to talk with you. Keep up the good work, and Happy New Year."

Sukie (PA): “I used 10:13 a few years ago and it had seemed like it was working. I decided to buy it again and I REALLY think it is working. Somebody I was dating particularly...this man I had been seeing...he was kind of losing interest. I do think 10:13 is doing something. It was kind of like a miracle. Now I can’t keep him away!”

Barbara (FL): " Well actually I got amazing results the very first time I used it. I have been going through a rough patch. Problems and work and problems at home. So - having seen your ads for years I decided to invest in the Athena Pheromone 10:13. My sweetie has been down; troubles with his health had made him kind of depressed. So I put on the 10:13 and it made a huge difference. He is just smiling all the time.

And the best thing about it is they do not even know what is happening! Dr. Cutler. thank you so much.. I wish you well!"

Serena (FL) “Oh Dr. Cutler, how nice to talk with you directly. I want to order another Athena Pheromone 10:13. I find real differences since I began using the product. I just find that I am semi-irresistible. It could be my brilliant personality but it is clear that the Athena in my perfume helps. I will say that men say to me things like, ‘You smell fabulous’. (No one ever said such things to me before.)

I learned about Athena from my therapist who would be a really great testimonial for you. She is a well known bioenergicist. She had a bad marriage and went to the dating scene horribly for years. She is great looking but was not having a good experience with men. Well in her mid 40s or so she told me she started using the stuff. The next thing she found she was attracting a great guy. Now they are married, she has a one year old baby and she told me she is going to continue using it forever because it keeps her husband’s interest. When she was my therapist, she recommended it to me. I do think the product works very well. Thank you Dr. Cutler! I am a believer, I know it works for me.”

Phyllis (NJ) 10:13 reorder: " My professor for the course in Hormones and Behavior at college advocated the research findings at Athena Institute. He even read your testimonials in class! It was in the psych department and, boy, he just LOVES you guys! I told my Mom what I learned last semester and SHE wanted your product."

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