Menopause: A Guide for Women & Those Who Love Them

Winnifred B. Cutler, Ph.D. and Celso Ramon Garcia, M.D.


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Menopause Book

Published 1992, (431 pp.) Norton. Paperback $24.95
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Learn About These Important Topics In This Book:

      Sexuality in Menopausal Years

      Nutrition and Exercise


      Body Changes at Menopause


      What Men should know, Changes in Their Sexuality

      Now in paperback, the revised edition includes several new chapters exploring such crucial women's health topics as the importance of good nutrition and exercise, overcoming smoking and obesity, and the pros and cons of hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

Physicians and Reviewers comment:

"This book is very special... provides readable information and anticipates many of the questions that a woman might ask or should ask. Practical and useful, it is a wonderful book."
Florence P. Haseltine, M.D., National Institute of Health

"Extraordinary depth of information. Beautifully easy to read. A necessity for every health care provider or woman who is approaching menopause...impressively current."
Isaac Schiff, M.D. Chair, Dept. of Gynecology, Harvard Medical School

"This is a wonderful book providing updated and current information. It removes the myths of menopause and allows patients and their male partners a fresh understanding of this significant change...this is a book that I believe all women and the men who love them would benefit reading. It will be used heavily in my practice."
Charles B. Hammond, M.D. Chair, Dept. of OB.GYN, Duke University Medical Center

"Recommended reading: Written by two ideal authorities on the subject - a renowned reproductive endocrinologist and a research obstetrician and gynecologist"
Alan Bonsteel, M.D Author of Stay Young, Start Now: A Family Doctor’s Guide to More Energy, Less Stress and Better Sex. Copyright Celestial Arts. 2000

An invaluable resource offering heavily cited research for maturing women and their partners, this book is a comprehensive guide to the changes in lifestyle, as well as in body, that menopause brings. When the first edition of the book was published in 1983, reviewers hailed it as the most authoritative and accessible volume ever written on menopause and the general health and well-being of menopausal women.

Over the years scores of physicians have recommended this book to their patients, and thousands of readers (both women and men) have found its advice beneficial. This book contains a glossary of terms, an index, a bibliography, dietary tables, health charts, and a preface for men.


The Women's Health Initiative (WHI) investigated two synthetic hormones combined in a single pill and has shown that such use increases certain risks. Consequent to this investigation, the FDA has issued severe warnings about ALL hormonal therapies. Dr. Cutler believes that both polarities ignore the natural rhythm of the feminine cycle.

In Menopause a Guide for Women and Those who Love Them, readers will discover that such a non-cyclic regimen of synthetic, rather than natural human equivalent hormones was "not recommended" long before the Women's Health Intitiative began. Instead, studies showed that "natural" estrogens appeared to be safer than synthetic estrogens. (pp.131, 250 of Menopause...)

For those who may want to consider Hormonal Therapy, Menopause: A Guide.. teaches vital information about understanding body signals to help guide titrating the dose under the supervision of a savvy physician. For those who do not want to use hormonal therapy, information about health practices that will help answer their questions as well.


      1. The Sex Hormones

      2. The Change of Life

      3. Body Changes at Menopause

      4. The Bones and How They Grow

      5. Hormone Replacement Therapy I

      6. Hormone Replacement Therapy II: The Cancer Risk

      7. Hormone Replacement Therapy and Coexisting Disease

      8. Sexuality in Menopausal Years

      9. Hysterectomy

      10. Cardiovascular Health

      11. Nutrition

      12. Overcoming Smoking and Obesity

      13. Exercise

      14. Alternatives to Hormone Replacement Therapy


    Author's Excerpt from Chapter 2, Page 79: MENOPAUSAL DISTRESS

      Although some still believe that women with menopausal distress are simply neurotic, a careful and critical review of the literature shows that most menopausal distress is hormonally caused and hormonally cured. Yet even today, some student health professionals are taught that "these [menopausal] symptoms are of sufficient magnitude in approximately 15% to warrant treatment. If psychotherapy fails, daily administration of estrogen... will reverse the symptoms."

      The implication of this teaching is that not only are most menopausal symptoms psychologically based, but that psychotherapy is the preferred treatment for these symptoms. However, research shows that psychotherapy is irrelevant; what's important is replacing the hormones whose absence is causing the symptoms.


      We bring to the book a sense of mission: to offer to our female readers the detailed information that they will need to understand the menopause and to maximize health care. Here, male readers will also find important information about their own changes in sexuality as well as information that will help them comprehend the uniquely female experience of the menopause.

      We hope that this book will be helpful. If you find it too simple or too complicated, please understand that each reader brings a different educational background to the reading. We tried to write it for those with inquiring minds but no scientific background. In some cases, we have provided scientific detail that may interest only the more sophisticated reader.

      Available in Paperback only -$24.95.

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Paperback-$24. 95

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