Searching For Courtship: The Smart Woman's Guide to Finding a Good Husband

Searching for Courtship Book


Searching For Courtship lays out a clear road map for the woman who is single but doesn't want to be and the woman who wants commitment in the form of a long term relationship leading to marriage

Published 1993, Villard/Random House.
Reissued 1996, Athena Institute Press.
(350 pp)

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"Courtship is a remarkable experience...
   it will change your life."
-Winnifred Cutler, Ph.D.

Professional Review:

    "Finally, a book that takes the mystery out of finding a husband. I believe that any woman who reads this book and follows Dr. Cutler's advice can be married within a year. I can't wait to give it to every single woman I know."
    -Ellen Kreidman, author of Light His Fire and Light Her Fire

According to Dr. Winnifred Cutler, the search for courtship is a dynamic process involving the male pursuit of a woman, who in turn defines his role and sets limits to achieve a loving, physical relationship fulfilling for both partners.

Based on years of research, this book offers practical exercises and real-life examples. Searching for Courtship declares a woman's right to find a suitable and satisfying mate, one who will befriend her, love and respect her, and form a lifetime commitment with her.

Readers of Searching for Courtship will learn:

The book also contains:

A Story from "Freida" who learned to follow the Code of Courtship:

An Excerpt from Searching for Courtship:

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