Pheromones For Females: It's Raining Men...Hallelujah?

November/December 1997
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Real Life Experience - Single Living magazine writer road tests Athena Pheromone 10:13 for women. Excerpted by Athena Institute

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By Charlotte Rose

Looking back, I can pinpoint the moment my pheromones kicked in. It was during week five.

I'd been dabbing them on daily, my Athena Pheromone 10:13 (click for product info) mixed with a delicious fragrance I'd purchased especially for this Single Living experiment. One rainy night, I climbed into a cab with wet hair and no makeup. The cab driver turned around with that look in his eyes. Before he even asked where I was going, he wanted to know if I was attached and if I would consider dating a single man from another country.

"Sorry," I said politely, not thinking much of it. Until it happened again, and again...and again. Within weeks I had a heap of admirers and a healthy dose of marriage proposals...all from cab drivers. One day I got in a taxi driven by a sexy ex-cop cabbie who said he noticed my red toenails from afar. He proclaimed his love for my sexy feet: "You are a beautiful woman. I'd marry you in a heartbeat."

Yes, I am worthy of goddess-like worship, but this guy was experiencing pheromone-induced passion. That was the day I decided that pheromones really do work.

The response was so dramatic, I had to attribute it to the pheromones. It's not that I'm unattractive or unable to capture a man's attention, but these men were serious. They seemed to switch into a madly-in-love mode the moment they set eyes on me.

But I wondered why I was such a cab driver magnet. Then I remembered: My ex-husband was a former cabbie who had proposed to me in a taxi. That was more than a decade ago, yet somewhere in my consciousness lurked the desire to get married (click for Dr. Cutler's book Searching for Courtship). And my "husband model" was a cab driver.

I decided to tune my man antennae to a different channel and clear myself of cabbie karma.

It began raining men. All types. I noticed a distinct pattern: Men suddenly demonstrated an extreme interest in my well-being. For instance, while I was deciding on an iffy pair of shoes, the salesman told me to buy them, wear them on the street for a day, and bring them back if they hurt. "Because," he said, "I wouldn't sell you anything that would cause you pain." They hurt, so I returned them. He refunded my money, then followed me as I left the store. "I was hoping you'd come back," he said. "I was waiting for you."

"I was returning the shoes... that's all," I said. He kept after me until I uttered the pheromone-repellent words, "I have a boyfriend." As much as I was enjoying the experiment, being followed down the street by salesmen and proposed to by cabdrivers was not my idea of romantic success.

I wondered why I was a magnet for blue collar men, when I myself am an executive. Then it dawned on me: Guys in suits, doctors, lawyers, therapists, and my business associates had also been paying me plenty of attention...but they don't beat their chests as loudly as those wonderfully honest, in-your-face blue collar guys.

I assessed reality: Pheromones had increased my magnetic powers considerably. What I chose to attract in my life was up to me. And pheromones could help manifest all my choices!

I decided I just wanted to have fun with men, to enjoy their male energy. It wasn't about sex. And for me, it wasn't about being asked out or receiving marriage proposals. It's about this nifty pheromone product enhancing all I already am. I'm having a great time...and I still love the perfume.


COMMENT FROM ATHENA INSTITUTE: Both Athena Pheromone 10:13tm for women and Athena Pheromone 10Xtm for men are cosmetics that can increase your attractiveness to the opposite sex. Neither product is an “aphrodisiac.”