Hormone Replacement Therapy: (HRT) Related Research Topics

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Books and Published/Presented Research by Dr. Cutler on what women should know about Hormone Replacement Therapy.

Hormones and Your Health: The Smart Woman's Guide to Hormonal and Alternative Therapies for Menopause
Published 2009, (325 pp.) John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Reviewed and recommended by medical professionals. Over 890 citations and references.

Hormone Replacement Therapy and the Risk of Breast Cancer; Dr. Cutler's message and content from her 1990 paper published in the journal, Infections and Surgery, explaining it is still current and relevant -- the science suggests that a carefully chosen, long-term "right regimen" of sequential hormone replacement therapy is beneficial to most women

A public health paper on breast cancer incidence that does not withstand scrutiny; Drs. Cutler and Burki published commentary in Climacteric, The Journal Of the International Menopause Society. December 2010.

HRT and Your Breasts; from Chapter 10 of Hormones and Your Health; What women should know about the benefits of HRT and the research on breast cancer, mammograms, and overall breast health.

Hormone Therapy and Your Heart: Keep your heart strong and flowing, from Chapter 9 of Hormones and Your Health

Hormone Therapy and Bone Health: Consider sequential HRT regimens for bone health; learn about overall bone health as we age.

Taking Hormones For Good Health - from Chapter Two, explains why you will benefit from Hormone Replacement Therapy; the right regimen.

HRT and Your Sexuality: What you should know about hormone therapies and your sex life, how to maintain it, research on desire and sexuality after menopause.

Wellness in Women After 40 Years of Age: Current Problems in Obstetrics,Gynecology, and Fertility - Mosby Medical Journal -reissued updated monograph in two parts.

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" My research has consistently focussed on what behavior a woman can engage in to increase her power, well-being, and vitality."
--Winnifred B. Cutler, Ph.D.

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