The Athena Institute Fund for Behavioral Immunology in Women’s Wellness

Philanthropy Update: First Year progress with Stanford Clinical Center Investigating…

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What measurable, positive behavioral habits can women personally develop to strengthen their immune systems?

In May 2023, Athena Institute for Women’s Wellness awarded its first round of philanthropic research funding to its first recipient, Robert M. Kaplan, Ph.D. an author and preeminent scholar in the Stanford Clinical Excellence Research Center.

Structured by Athena Institute’s founder, Dr. Winnifred Cutler, the funding launched an exciting partnership with Dr. Kaplan who agreed to direct long-term research on which behavior habits generate measurable immunity and health improvements in peri and post-menopausal women.

Dr. Cutler welcomed Dr. Kaplan’s shared mission of scholarship and self-efficacy,

“We hope this new research will generate a contribution to knowledge as we learn how a woman can improve her own immune system to enable it to better withstand the inevitable intrusion of new airborne viruses.”

Over the past months Dr. Kaplan has initiated many activities on the Stanford campus among students and faculty in several departments. His updates, planning and progression include:

It seems timely to discover what women can do to build their resistance through their own self efficacy. So as Dr. Kaplan’s important behavioral immunology work continues, do revisit Athena Institute’s website for extensive updates on how you can build a stronger immune system with healthy habits and behavior.

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