Athena FriendsKIT for Aftershave™

Special price of $99.99. Value: $118.50
You get 1 vial of 10x + 3 Blue Bottles + 1 Widemouth Funnel

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Get increased affection from women with help from Athena Pheromone 10X™

Athena Pheromone 10x   

Be a Group leader: Do you have 3 friends who would like to try Athena Pheromone 10x™?

Having trouble spending $100 to try Athena Pheromones in your Aftershave? Share the cost with our special offer.

How to split a vial of Athena Pheromones between 4 friends.

Divde your FriendsKIT evenly.

How the Athena FriendsKIT for Aftershave™ works:

The leader recruits 3 friends to share the cost

They meet and watch the instruction video

They choose their favorite aftershave lotion

The leader blends 10x into 4 ounces of it

And divides the potion into 4 equal parts

All 4 friends dab some mixture on face and under nose.

Wear it daily for 6 weeks according to the written directions

Test our pheromone for increased affection for women

The Rules:

The FriendsKIT is a special promotional item and can not be ordered with any other products in one order

Leader must provide names and contact information of the other group members before product will ship out.

Leader may be a leader as often as he can organize a new group?

Leader decides how to share the cost. Friends each pay $33.33 and leader provides the aftershave, or the group can share the cost equally.


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