How to Mix our Pheromones into your fragrance

How to mix

In our published studies, our pheromone products were tested mixed with fragrance so that is how we recommend wearing them. Many customers report wearing our products 'straight' and getting positive responses.  If you have a fragrance that you enjoy wearing, then mixing your Athena Pheromone with it will last up to 4-6 months. The video shows how to use our transfer kit to mix any spray cologne with our pheromone.

Using it "Straight"

If you prefer to wear it straight, please note that you will use your product up more quickly. If you follow the directions and wear it every day [because the effect is cumulative] one vial should last up to 4 months.

If you want to use it straight, dab a small amount above your upper lip and on your cheeks. We suggest you use the rod bottle you can always order from us, by phone if you are not using the shopping cart to include a vial.  The vial Athena Pheromone comes in is disposable and not suitable for storing the product. Just do one dip a day, whatever adheres to the rod is one day’s application. Swipe first across the skin of the mustache area above the lips. Then down either the cheeks or neck.

You can apply, or layer, your fragrance any time you might change your mind and want to try some fragrance overlaid after you apply your Athena Pheromone to the skin.  Oils are fine, when applied atop the pheromone. It should not be mixed with non-fragrances like isopropyl alcohol or water. Nor mixed with lotions or oils because it may not dissolve well. 

Either way you choose, please make sure you follow the package instructions carefully.  Wear regularly because the effect is cumulative. 

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