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Hormones and Your Health:
The Smart Woman's Guide to Hormonal and Alternative Therapies for Menopause

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N. Edwards (Evanston, IL) -- June 29, 2009
Reader Comment from Amazon.com

Clear, science based evaluation of Hormone Therapy (5 stars)

"Amid all the confusion, finally a clear, research-based book, that's readable, about this HUGE issue for us mid-life women. Our doctors are doing us a disservice by not recommending Hormone Therapy (HT) more frequently and at a younger age, especially for those of us with a family history of heart disease and osteoporosis. (Ladies, the bone degeneration starts with perimenopause in our 40s!)

Dr Cutler dissects the research studies for us and sorts out the pros and cons of the different hormones and delivery systems (pills, gels, etc). She also looks at alternatives and has great advice on what vitamins and minerals and foods our bodies need to be our best. She explains the relationship between our sex lives and hormone levels. (Regular sex is very good for us...) She throws light on the whole issue of "bio-identicals" which many companies are exploiting for their own profit. Dr Cutler looks carefully at the WHI study that caused the great stir in 2002 and takes apart the results for us. Every woman past her 40th birthday should study this book."

Dr. Maria Engel -- June 17, 2009

Dear Doctora Cutler:
I have enjoyed your book like no other one, in my life. All your wisdom is explained in a perfectly clear way with fine humor touches. Thank you for dedicating your life to discover truth in benefit of the women of the world.

Receive my admiration and respect
María Engel


Dr. Jerilynn Prior -- June 2, 2009
Professor of Endocrinology, Department of Medicine, University of British Columbia

I've been busy too, reading your Hormones and Health book. From what I've read so far ,you've done a great job of demystifying many things that gynecologists do, it is readable, it is voluminously referenced and is very interesting. I'm learning things on every page.

Cathy -- Friday, June 5, 2009
(She ordered 3 more books for her friends)

This book has FINALLY given me the confidence to continue taking my bio-identical hormones...thank you so much!  I'm buying these for my girlfriends so they can live a better and healthier life as well.  Thank you so much for giving us the information that is outside the big pharma box.

Katie, Lake Tahoe, CA (Reader Comment from Amazon.com)
May 27, 2009
“Excellent Summary. This medical researcher with a PH.D provides clear, sensible, science-based answers about HRT and alternative treatments for menopause in her newly released (ie: up-to-date) book. She reports on years of research studies, provides summary/conclusions and leaves you with a clear understanding. As a result, I plan to resume bio-identical HRT.”

Alexa -- May 13, 2009
I am ordering pheromones because I bought Dr. Cutler's book at Border's ... I had read a review of the Cutler book in my health food store's newspaper and saw this new book was written by a scientist.  Otherwise, I would have possibly not bothered since I had read so many books on hormones.  Its an honor to talk with you Dr. Cutler

I am really thrilled with the book. I started with Suzanne Somers book where she interviewed a lot of people. Then I started with Dr. Oz's which is prescriptive but selling products that he has a financial interest in..  No one was actually reviewing the science and physicians were saying there was no science out there to help guide them.

I really like that you took that approach of laying it out.  That you reviewed 3500 studies and then translated them for intelligent women   I had turned 40, started having all kinds of hormone problems and was just talking with everybody, reading everything I could find.

But your book was the first one that actually stood on science, not individual opinions.  Your doctor does not have the time to synthesize the scientific literature but you did it...I found that my doctors were not going to help me; I was going to have to help myself.

And the comments continue:

Susan, magazine editor-Your book is so necessary for women 40+. Thanks again for your help!

Lynne...R.N., 42 After reading Chapter 5.- I have finished it now and have found your work incredibly detailed, informative, understandable from a laymen's perspective and incredibly necessary if and when one has to go through some of the events you have mentioned. I wish I had this information a few months ago. One thing that is important, which I think you have so aptly pointed out, is that much of controlling vaginal bleeding is more of an art than a science. My vaginal bleeding was somewhat under control until I started to take progesterone which made it so much worse that I ended up in the hospital. Unfortunately, I was not told that progesterone could make the situation worse before it could make it better. Actually, I was not told much of anything at all and have since switched doctors. I gained much from reading your work and I do not have the fear I used to have regarding this problem because of your research.

Dr. Melanie W, age @ 53, Clinical Psychologist, told Dr. Cutler-"I love the conversational style, the way you talk with readers. The metaphors made it easy to read; especially the artistic ones like expressionism. {And I know} I want hormones but do not want that horse urine stuff, would want to avoid the swallowing route because I do not want to overload my liver  {And now I} know how to do the regimen.. estrogen every day, progesterone, not progestin from day 15 to 29 of the 29 day cycle.

Susan, business owner- Winnifred -- I really enjoyed reading Chapter 8 / Bones. It was written just for me and all the other baby boomer women who are dealing with health issues. I knew I was in for a good read when I read the chapter outline. I hope this will be in the book at the beginning of each chapter. It tells time-starved, busy women where to get answers for an immediate concern. It also keeps the book at the bedside to address future concerns. The chapter itself was very good. Technical enough to prove credibility but also human enough to be an easy read.....not a ponderous scientific treatise. Bravo on the concluding comments that give a course of action.

Paula W. - book editor,

Before reading your book, I was brainwashed by the WHI media uproar and terrified of ever using hormones. Your book completely changed my mind, and I predict that it will be a huge seller because women want and need this information.


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