Customer reports on German TV program Pro7 'Twins Test'

July 23, 1998 Copyright ©1998 PRO7 television, Cologne.

The following was communicated to us by a man from Cologne, Germany via email - describing the documentary on Athena Pheromones (click for product information). Excerpted and translated by Athena Institute .

"Hello! Yesterday I saw on German television (PRO7, "TNT") a documentary about your pheromone cosmetic. Because I'm a retailer of perfumes in Germany, I'm interested...

There were two tests with a hidden camera in some bars around Cologne, Germany. The first test was with a female twin pair: one of them was using your pheromone...., one was not. They wore the same dresses, so everything looked absolutely similar.

The twin with your perfume got quite fast contact with 2 guys; the other twin got none, sitting or standing at different places in the bar: no visual contact.

After some time, the twins changed their position in the bar, so the twin without pheromone takes the place of her sister at the bar, right next to the guys, which were talking to her before she left 'for restroom' (switching with her sister).

After that, the twin (now without pheromone) got no longer contact to the guys (standing right beside her!). The other twin, now sitting at the bar where her sister got no contact, got also immediately contact with a man!

The second test was with 1 boy and 2 girls: the boy and 1 girl used your pheromone. The boy got already at the street an invitation to the bar for a drink. So later at the bar: the boy and the girl with your pheromone were talking to some girls and boys; the girl without your pheromone---NOT.

The conclusions were: that the pheromones are the main reason for the quick contact; maybe also the self-confidence (from using it) are more attractive to the other sex. The duration was about 5 to 8 minutes. I think this was a good ad for your cosmetic, because they always used the name, Athena Pheromone (click for product info) from the Athena Institute..."


COMMENT FROM ATHENA INSTITUTE: Both Athena Pheromone 10:13tm for women and Athena Pheromone 10Xtm for men are cosmetics that can increase your attractiveness to the opposite sex. Neither product is an “aphrodisiac.”

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