Fox News "Twins Test" of Athena Pheromones

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FOX NEWS DENVER Conducts Hidden Camera "Twins Test": Athena Pheromones Shown to Attract the Opposite Sex in Singles Bar

Fox 31 Denver Consumer Reporter Tom Martino rates Athena Pheromones in his "FAME OR SHAME" segment with identical twin brothers and sisters. The male twin gives 10X 'absolute fame' saying it 'worked phenomenally'.

Excerpted by Athena Institute:

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Newscasters: Libby Weaver and Ron Zappalo

Ron: Many people wish they had something that made them more attractive. Is the answer pheromones?

Libby: Pheromones are the chemical scents the body produces. Scents some say attract the opposite sex. And an east coast doctor says she's bottled them. Fox "Troubleshooter" Tom Martino puts this new love potion to his Fame or Shame test. And Tom comes to us live from Champs Bar at the Fox Meadows Mall...

Consumer Reporter Tom Martino: What better place to test pheromones? Now it used to be that they thought it was only useful in the animal kingdom to attract a mate. But scientists at the Athena Institute bottled it and said you could use it if you are human to attract other people.

So we did some interesting experimenting. For example, we have a set of {male} twins over here-- one had it, one didn't. They don't even know which one was wearing it for the last 6 weeks.

We'll check in with them in a minute.

We also had a set of twins, models, from the Donna Baldwin agency... Let's take a look ....

It's not like these beauties need a love potion to catch a man but they're perfect for this test. Because Robin and Courtney are identical twins.

Tom narrates this segment (previously taped):

We mixed the pheromone liquid with perfume then gave the pheromone mixture to one twin and the other got just plain perfume. Only we know which twin has the love potion based on the different colored stars (placed on bottles). The twins wore the perfume for six weeks.

And in our final night of testing, we took them to the Rio Bar downtown for happy hour.

We only let one twin sit at the bar each time for 20 minutes while the other hid from view. Then they secretly swapped positions. We tried to keep all elements the same last night except for the perfume they were wearing, one with pheromones, one without.

Courtney was first in the hot seat. She ordered a Sprite and waited. And she waited some more. Nothing happened. Not even when these gentlemen arrived. They didn't even say "Hi". (The Camera footage shows young men reaching past her for drinks.) Then the twins traded places. Did Robin have better luck and, if so, why?

Almost immediately it was obvious that Robin was attracting more attention than her twin sister. And then a few minutes later, this guy moves in for a conversation. And it continues. (The Camera footage shows young man spinning around to look at her, and a different guy coming up and introducing himself to her, shaking her hand.)

Was Robin wearing the {Athena} pheromones? YES!

NOW the camera shifts back to Tom LIVE with the twin brothers in the Denver Bar:

TOM: Let's check with our male twins. They don't know which one had which. Robert tells me he didn't notice much difference.

ROBERT (Male Twin #1): Not at all.

TOM: Now Colter (Twin #2), you say...

COLTER (Male Twin #2): Very different. I had a marked increase in female attention and affection. I EVEN HAD A METER MAID WHO GAVE ME A TICKET, CRUMPLE IT UP AND THROW IT ON THE GROUND.

TOM: Now he said he noticed a difference and let me tell you... COLTER (Twin #2) HAD THE PHEROMONES...

So (Athena Pheromone 10X) it worked for you?

COLTER (Male Twin #2): It worked phenomenally.

His brother Robert (Male Twin #1) nods in agreement with his brother.

TOM: So you would give it a "Fame" or "Shame"?

COLTER (Male Twin #2): Absolute "Fame".

TOM (To Robert, Twin #1): And now would you want to try it?

ROBERT (Male Twin #1): Sure. Do you think it will make my girlfriend like me more?

TOM: By the way it's $100, but they {Athena Institute} let us use it for this experiment. So now I get to take it home. Let's see what happens..



Athena Institute provided the samples of both Athena Pheromone 10:13 for women and Athena Pheromone 10X for men to the FOX Denver producers. FOX producers controlled the testing; but Athena is not surprised by the favorable results. Athena's President, Dr. Winnifred Cutler, points out, "These telecasts confirm what we already know from our research experiments: 10X and 10:13 can increase the romantic contact you get from the opposite sex."

The Denver Fox Telecast was the fourth time since 1998 that a Major Network News station has contacted Athena Institute to produce a segment on Athena Pheromones for their primetime news programming.

FOX Tampa in April 1998, and FOX Miami in March 1998, filmed singles in the club scene noticing positive results when wearing Athena's Pheromone fragrance additives.

Fox 13 WTVT Tampa, April 27, 1998:

Producers recruited a lively and attractive group of 4 women and 4 men who agreed to wear Athena Pheromones for several weeks. The responses were flirtatious and positive for most of the group who reported noticing responses from the opposite sex. One woman had nothing to report until one of the men from the group cornered her for her phone number. "The pheromones must be working on him," she said .

Fox 7 WSVN Miami, March 3, 1998:

Producers targeted the sexy South Beach singles scene to road test the power of Athena Pheromone 10:13 on six women of varying age and appearance. The women had predominantly positive experiences, reporting increased attention from husbands, boyfriends, colleagues, and even some (welcome) strangers.

ABC TV News “The Pulse” (telecast 3/28/98):

...did its own singles-bar test of Athena Pheromone 10:13 for women on twin sisters. “We cannot deny what we saw happen in the bar. The results astonished us”, said the host; “[The twin] who wore the Cutler product was chatted up by 30 guys--nearly 3 times the number [11] who approached her identical twin."

Twin wearing 10:13: “The men didn’t just talk...They were enthralled with me!”

-- Her sister (wore witch hazel): “My sister got all the attention. It was incredible! Truly.”


COMMENT FROM ATHENA INSTITUTE: Both Athena Pheromone 10:13tm for women and Athena Pheromone 10Xtm for men are cosmetics that can increase your attractiveness to the opposite sex. Neither product is an “aphrodisiac.”

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