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Interviews Dr. Cutler about pheromone research and co-discovery in 1986.

Excerpted and emphasis by Athena Institute

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CBS News Nightwatch, November 24 1986

CBS News Host, Len Tucker

LT: The chemicals are called pheromones.

Scientists have known for some time that they exist in animals but the study by Dr. Winnifred Cutler (click for bio) shows for the first time that pheromones exist in humans too (click for more on pheromone discovery).

Turning to his guest, Dr. Cutler

LT: I think we better start at the very beginning. What are pheromones?

WC: Well classically they are defined as substances produced by an animal, moving into the air, the effects of which are measured on another animal's behavior or physiology. We’ve known about them in rats, moths, a variety of animals and in those circumstances they are seen as sex attractants.

LT: Obviously if you can figure out a way to bottle that you could become quite a zillionaire.

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