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From Searching For Courtship Readers, Workshop Attendees, and Therapists

Ginger Wishner, MFT (La Jolla,CA),
Marriage and Family Therapist, review of the Searching for Courtship Workshop Leader Kit :

"I found Dr. Cutler’s Book , Searching For Courtship, in 1993 and used it to meet my husband. Subsequently I have used it to help others find their mates. The book and training materials are excellent and provide a wonderful service to the community and a great adjunct to one’s private practice."

Patty(FL): "I am a psychotherapist and find your books on courtship and sexuality very useful. I tell my patients about your book as well as the pheromones. My masters degree was followed by a 6 year training before licensure and your work is so relevant to understanding and articulating the mind/body connection for practicing therapists and for their patients.. Your work has been enormously valuable to me personally. Some years back, I read Searching for Courtship, left my terrible marriage...Then I began following the principles you describe on integrity, clarity and so forth. Well, shortly thereafter I met a fellow who was dating several women. I clearly told him that I was not interested in developing a relationship under those circumstances and wished him well. A few months later, he called me back after he was ready for me...Our relationship progressed..."

Mary (PA): (on the workshop) "Excellent! It provided a logical and good-sense approach to dating and then finding courtship, with a little scientific data thrown in. One must make the commitment and effort to search for courtship. I used to think it just happened."

Sue (PA) ): (on the workshop) "Thank you for a most pleasant beginning to this most important journey - perhaps the most important of my life - your own story and [role] modeling was most inspirational...will let you know the journey’s passage..."

Polly (PA) "The workshop arrived in my life as a well-timed stepping point. A day to learn, to gather fresh ideas, and meet new women friends. I liked the sense of balanced presentation, not too structured and rigid, yet not chaotic and choppy... The workshop infused me with confidence and a belief that my goals are attainable."

Jenny (PA) (the workshop) "It was very well organized. Thoughtfully presented with a good balance of listening and actively participating. I especially appreciated the factual approach of a facilitator (Dr. Cutler) with a background in biology. There is so much that women my age, 52, have never been taught...as I enter menopause."

Phil (MO) "I am a physician with a specialty in pathology. Have been using Athena Pheromone 10X for men since 1996. Please send me two more vials and your book Searching for Courtship. I think it would be helpful for me to understand what women perceive."

Wilma (NC) "...Anyway, I bought it (Athena Pheromone 1013) because I have been having problems in my marriage. I am 27 and so is my husband who left me to be with a woman who is 40. The Athena 1013 has really helped me feel a lot better about myself and get ready to go out in the world searching. Please send me a copy of Dr. Cutler’s book, Searching for Courtship...I want to be sure to avoid making the same mistake in choosing a partner. I want to read the book first, before I start dating again..."

Fay (FL) "I love the product (Athena Pheromone 10:13) and the book Searching for Courtship. It’s better than The Rules. It’s more detailed. My girlfriend and I study it and discuss it. It’s just very good because it answers all your questions. We are very much into this book. Nice to talk with you, Dr. Cutler. You’re a great doll."

Maeve (TX) "That book Searching for Courtship, it’s working! Lots of advice, no nonsense for smart modern women. I am very skeptical about self-help books from the bookstore. But after reading your book I started to reinvent myself. No more "try it , you’ll like it"s. I went through time to be by myself, (as you teach): I decided I wanted to get married. I know that I am pretty...but I couldn't' keep a relationship. After my divorce, I got confused: many dates, many short relationships. Lots of offers, lots of dates. And then after studying your book, I went through this reinventing myself. I found this person at work. We became friends. I put out all the baits; but he did the fishing. He asked my daughter for permission to marry me. I just want you to know that I respect your work very much. I hope to talk with you again."

Lauren (NY) "I am one of the senior people here in a nationally known consulting business. Fifty-seven and single, I am a successful financial analyst. But until I started wearing the 10:13, I was not dating. Since I started wearing it, I have been dating 3 men...Seeing the widowers get snapped up, I am especially glad to learn about your book on the subject. Please send me a copy of Searching for Courtship...Thanks, Dr. Cutler."

Helen (CA) "Dear Dr. Cutler, I so enjoyed reading your book Searching for Courtship. I am a 49 year old divorced woman. I took a lot of your practical advice to heart, and after 3 _ years since my separation, feel I am ready to meet someone...Your information and research was so informative and enlightening. Thank you."

Workshop Attendee (PA) "It was a pleasure to meet you yesterday and attend your workshop. Many of us certainly appreciate your honesty and willingness to share your knowledge, information, and experiences. It’s very reassuring to know that I’m not that different from a lot of other people"

Wayne (VA) "Dear Dr. Cutler, Having recently read Searching for Courtship prompted me to write to you. Your book has provided me with a great deal of advice, which has usually worked in my situation as an involuntarily divorced man...your concepts have proven useful."