Comment from Haverford College's Coordinator of Health Professions Advising

About the Athena Pre-med Hospice Volunteer Program

I have been in the health professions advising field for over 25 years and have always emphasized the importance participation in volunteer work that is patient centered. These experiences provide students with valuable exposure to the medical field and help them clarify their motivation for going into a health profession.

Haverford students have been involved with Holistic Hospice volunteer program for the past 9 years, and it is one of the best programs I have seen. Students have the privilege of working with patients and their families at a sensitive time in their lives while learning about end-of-life issues. In addition, they get quality training, supportive mentoring and a built-in support network with the other volunteers.

I highly recommend this program to students who are interested in working with patients.

--Jodi Domsky

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