Social Media Marketing Specialist

Athena Institute has current openings for part time (3-6 hours per week) Social Media Marketing Specialists who would enjoy extending the reach of our website content, to three different target audiences.

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If you have social media skills to drive traffic to our website, this job might work for you if you are interested in any of the Athena Institute "Content/issues" from our website homepage, or subject matter described in Dr. Cutler's books: HORMONES AND YOUR HEALTH, HYSTERECTOMY BEFORE AND AFTER as well as our 2 cosmetic fragrance additives ATHENA PHEROMONE 10:13™ for Women and ATHENA PHEROMONE 10X™ for Men.

After you have studied our website, we would welcome your submission to show which pages of our website content your social media outreach would target using our Twitter account to broadcast your weekly batch of preapproved tweets linking your words to our pages. Additionally any other social media platforms you convince our managers would be fruitful would be a compensated objective.

The four different target audiences from which to choose are:

  1. Mature female "millennials" up to 35 or 40 years of age
  2. Peri and postmenopausal women after age 40
  3. Mature males up to 55 years of age who are potential Athena Pheromone 10X™ customers
  4. Male “millennials” ages 21 to 35 who are potential Athena Pheromone 10X™ customers 

Compensation paid monthly is $100/week if you can spend for 5 or 6 hours working per week. If you have 3 hours that would be fine also, at the same hourly rate. You would work from your own office, choosing your own work schedule. You select topics jointly with management, and then learn the Content/Issues offered on our website on uncompensated time, but will be compensated for the 5 to 6 hours you spend generating your tweets and posts, submitting them each week to management, and then posting those that are approved. Once approved you post these on social media. Athena's goal is to see its valuable website content requested each day by a greater number as a consequence of your work.

Successful candidates must be comfortable with dignified discussion of the reproductive physiology subject matter our expertise commands, respect Athena's Brand promoting its two products as "unscented cosmetic fragrance additives", and disclaiming them as aphrodisiacs.

Successful specialist candidates will have excellent verbal skills, high academic record and a sincere interest and enthusiasm for Athena's feminist mission of working to improve the quality of heath care for women and the men who love them.


Those with successful submissions will then be contacted. We will request from potential candiates your cover letter, resume, educational history, graduation degree(s), Institutions, and GPA