How to Take Vitamin C to Build Your Immune System

Not everyone who gets exposed to a virus succumbs to it. Vitamin C 500 to 8,000 milligrams (mgs) a day can help. Our immune system burns up more when it is stressed.

Food alone won’t do it: 4 quarts of fresh orange juice provide just 500 mg of Vitamin C. If you decide to take a supplement, it helps to know how to titrate your dosage.

First, make sure the pill you swallow will dissolve in your stomach with this simple test:
Place one pill in a small glass of vinegar (just enough to cover the pill). If the pill is still solid after 30 minutes, crush or cut the pill to obtain a particle size that will dissolve in vinegar in 30 minutes. Or consider lozenges that you suck dissolving the particles before you swallow them.

Second, notice your own stress levels and take more when you are exposed to greater stress.
Pay attention to your own body and how it feels when you are peaceful and high energy and aim for that condition. Is there some area that flares up when you are stressed? The more inflammation, the more vitamin C can help. Notice the signals your body sends you. And pay attention to what happens when you take Vitamin C .

Finally, spread out the dosage throughout the day.
Spread out your daily C dose to maintain high blood level concentrations. Only 500 mgs can be absorbed per hour. So don’t waste your money on higher doses.

You can learn more about the many health benefits of Vitamin C and the published studies on Vitamin C megadoses here

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