Exercise: The REAL Fountain of Youth

Guidelines for Women’s Exercise from Dr. Cutler’s book HORMONES AND YOUR HEALTH

(P.68) “Regular appropriate physical activity is safe and effective in promoting women’s good health.” Obviously, if you are under medical care for serious conditions, consult your physician. She cautions if you have never exercises before, be sure to take it easy and start slowly. Don’t push your body harder than it wants to go!

Walking is a great way to get into the exercise habit. No special equipment needed except for good supporting shoes. Dr. Cutler says: “Personally, I am a big fan of walking, tai chi, and swimming and do some of each almost every day."

Exercise makes you feel good, increases muscle and bone strength and lowers your body fat. Dr. Cutler emphasizes that exercise improves your capacity to take in oxygen and that increases your lifespan. And notes: “Sitting on a couch can’t do that!”

More recommendations from HORMONES AND YOUR HEALTH

(p.159) for maintaining your bone strength:

  1. Exercise regularly. Walk daily 20 to 30 minutes…outdoors if you can. And practice good posture!
  2. Stop smoking!
  3. Enjoy alcohol in moderation: one or two drinks a day.
  4. Practice good nutrition with a diet of wholesome unprocessed food supplying 600 to 700 mg of daily calcium and 1000 IU of vitamin D.
  5. Create safe surroundings by reducing tripping hazards, adding nightlights for nighttime navigation.
  6. Women should consider hormone therapy for bones: progesterone use (preferably sequential) with regular estrogen can trigger new bone formation.

    “The behaviors you choose and the habits you set for your self profoundly influence your bones, your muscles and your very freedom to move as you grow older. Your Mother was right when she told you to stand up straight and drink your milk!”


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