The Effect of Alcohol on Men's Sexual Behavior

Sad Drunk Man photo

Alcohol can inhibit a male’s sex life. Men who drink more than four ounces of alcohol per day show an increased likelihood of being in the low-sexual-activity group as opposed to men whose drinking is more moderate. No difference emerges in the testosterone levels of the drinkers who drink more than four ounces as opposed to those who drink less. Yet a clear difference in sexual behavior does.

Dr. Millicent Zacher, a reproductive surgeon who works with male infertility, suggests that the alcohol may affect the liver and its enzymes in a way that alters the binding proteins and that this change in blood chemistry may affect the biologically active testosterone that is circulating.

Alternatively alcohol dulls the coherence of a man’s conversation, and it can produce an unpleasant physical aura. Gracelessness and bad odors emanate from a man who drinks immoderately. Excess alcohol consumption is usually a turn-off to a man’s sexual partner because alcohol dulls his sensitivities. While alcohol may relax the uptight, inhibited fellow, it may also disable him if he drinks too much.

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