Major Published Study Favors Reduced Mammograms.

As Hospitals Open-Up Post-Covid, What is New for you to Know Before Scheduling Mammograms?

See a video from Dr. Winnifred Cutler, narrating a clear and comprehensive ‘walk-through’ of her findings with coauthors, that 94% of 2.4 million women with no prior diagnosis at enrollment of invasive breast cancer [IBC] will remain free of IBC over 25 years. (September 2020, Public Library of Science)

What’s new from the findings? Good news, actually. If you have no prior IBC diagnosis, the study justifies sharply reducing the frequency of your mammograms.

Dr. Cutler’s study establishes that early detection does not actually save lives. In turn, early treatment can do harm and there is much you can do to to prevent IBC.

You will learn so much more from Dr. Cutler’s video!

“The benefits of mammography lessen, and the costs and risks increase, when we find evidence of less risk of Invasive Breast Cancer (IBC) as in our new study of 2.4 million women. For those patients who have no prior diagnosis, this is very good news.”
--Dr. Winnifred Cutler, 2020

You will learn so much more from Dr. Cutler’s video!

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