Love, Uninterrupted

Pauline had been in hospice care for a few months. She had advanced dementia and limited mobility. She loved to pet and stroke the stuffed animal cats and sit in her big chair in the common room. I had interacted with her a few times as I had come to the House previously, though obviously disoriented she was always very kind and polite. I usually only saw her alone, as I would volunteer beyond the visiting hours. I was glad that I was eventually able to volunteer earlier in the day, during visiting hours. When I did I meet Pauline’s husband Jim, he was a quiet man, though a very strong-looking 70+ years old. I learned from the nurses and CNAs that he came every single day to sit with his wife – who no longer recognized him. He quietly held her hand and helped her eat and do anything else she needed. I was so impressed with his quiet strength and resilience. So often I was impressed by the patients themselves, but that day I was impressed by a her husband who never left her side.