Family In Need of Care

When I heard about this volunteer position, I was excited at the prospect of finally getting patient care volunteer hours, since that’s an important aspect of my future application to medical school. I applied hoping to get those requirements, help some hospice patients, and learn something along the way, but I was not prepared for … Continue reading “Family In Need of Care”


As someone going into the medical field, I never thought I would have an issue with death, but I was wrong. In my future career, we cannot save everyone. With this in mind, I understood I may lose patients and I accepted that. Learning about hospice changed how I felt about death and dying. At … Continue reading “Butterfingers”

Love, Uninterrupted

Pauline had been in hospice care for a few months. She had advanced dementia and limited mobility. She loved to pet and stroke the stuffed animal cats and sit in her big chair in the common room. I had interacted with her a few times as I had come to the House previously, though obviously … Continue reading “Love, Uninterrupted”

Hospice reflection

During my time at Hospice of the Valley, I learned valuable things about life. For example, one day as a volunteer when I was taking care and playing with one of the kids, we were listening to the Wiggles song. I would interact with him by doing the same hand movement that the Wiggles would … Continue reading “Hospice reflection”

The Power of Simplicity

It was a great experience to be a part of the Pre-Med Hospice Volunteer Program and every visit was very meaningful. However, the one that stood out the most was the interaction I had with James. I had arrived for an evening shift and I remember being asked to interact with James. The expression on … Continue reading “The Power of Simplicity”