Awakening I have had experience with hospice prior to volunteering my own time with Holisticare. My mother was admitted to hospice December 17, 2011 and she passed away 10 days later, only 2 days after Christmas surrounded by her family. She was 48 years old. “Hospice” was a word that haunted me, a word that … Continue reading “Awakening”

The Good in Death

As a young woman with most of my life ahead of me, I have always viewed death as a sad thing. Because I have so many goals, dreams, and expectations, it is a terrible thought to imagine that it all be cut short with an untimely death. I do not want to die anytime soon, … Continue reading “The Good in Death”

The Integration of Faith and Death

I have very much enjoyed being a hospice volunteer over the past six months. I have learned a lot in my short time in this program, and this program has probed some deeper thinking about important topics within me. My patients have been wonderful, and even though we did not speak, due to certain barriers, … Continue reading “The Integration of Faith and Death”


Originally, I came to the Pre-Med Hospice program after hearing about it through my pre-med advisor. I thought it would be a fitting experience to have on my resume. From what I had heard, Hospice would put me a unique environment which most pre-med undergraduates or even medical students do not usually see. I discovered, … Continue reading “Perspectives”

Cultural Collisions and Reconciliation

Throughout this year, I got the opportunity to visit patients in a hospice, meet families, nurses and others who help to make the hospice run smoothly. However, my most meaningful relationship was when I was interacting with my second patient. Since we shared a similar background in where we’ve grown up and our culture, it … Continue reading “Cultural Collisions and Reconciliation”