My most meaningful relationship was found with a rather pleasant old woman who soon came into being a dear friend of mine, as she really taught me what it meant to give. I say this because she offered me, one who was a complete stranger, the gift of her life; the gift of her history … Continue reading “Thanks”

How Hospice Has Changed My Opinion On Death

Over the past semester I have had the opportunity to be a Season’s Hospice volunteer. My experience has been eye opening, as well as life changing. Going into this program I knew it was going to be different than anything else I have every experienced, but I was not expecting that so many emotions would … Continue reading “How Hospice Has Changed My Opinion On Death”

Hospice Care and Compassion- Why It Matters

Every time I tell people I volunteer at a hospice, I get the same reaction. People are always asking me, “Isn’t that sad?” or “How can you do that?” I can never quite explain to people why my volunteering doesn’t make me depressed or cause me to fear my own mortality. I think people are … Continue reading “Hospice Care and Compassion- Why It Matters”

As comfort is provided with loved ones near, We learn to love all that we hear.

The word “death” through my first 20 years of life has held continually evolving meanings. Throughout childhood, the concept of death was terrifying for me. My overall good-natured, innocent self, coupled with strict obedience to my parents and our religion had me believing myself to be on a straight-track to heaven; a salvation in the … Continue reading “As comfort is provided with loved ones near, We learn to love all that we hear.”

Let the light touch what is dark through faith and compassion

When I first began my hospice volunteering experience I did not expect myself to be vulnerable and learn how death is also part of the light in our lives. My whole life death to me seemed like something horrible and painful. Yet, through my volunteering with my patient and the constant discussions with Reverend R. … Continue reading “Let the light touch what is dark through faith and compassion”

Hospice Strengths and Weaknesses

There are a lot of things that people do that are controversial. Go to wars, debate about the choice a woman should have about her body, sending a family member to hospice. I know that sometimes there (at hospice) it would be really hard to maintain a safe environment that has the appropriate care that … Continue reading “Hospice Strengths and Weaknesses”

Understanding Death

Death is not an easy topic to approach, nor to understand. As humans, there is so much uncertainty regarding what happens to us when we leave this life, which is perhaps why it makes us so uncomfortable. We have no answers, which is why it is important to come to terms with the idea of … Continue reading “Understanding Death”

Death is More

When asked why individuals want to become physicians, they often reply about the amazing experience that the medical career path provides, the lifelong relationships with patients, and their quest to establish their own heroic stories. Death is not often the motivation for wanting to become a doctor. Through Hospice, the experience of death, its meaning, … Continue reading “Death is More”

Seasons Hospice: the importance of volunteering

Volunteering is an important aspect in the lives of many and it can be a very rewarding experience. I have always enjoyed volunteering and am constantly looking for different ways to get involved in the community. Another passion of mine is medicine, and I hope to one day be a doctor. Combining these two passions … Continue reading “Seasons Hospice: the importance of volunteering”