Re-evaluation of Death

Before deciding to become a hospice volunteer, I would say that my view towards death was a strong portrayal of how society views death – something that should be avoided at all costs. But, through the unique readings and meetings with other hospice volunteers, my views towards death have shifted dramatically. Although I wasn’t able … Continue reading “Re-evaluation of Death”

My experience as a hospice volunteer

It has been a wonderful experience to be a hospice volunteer. It has given me an understanding and knowledge of how to work with terminally ill patients. This experience has taught me a lot about compassion, empathy, and the importance of human connection. As a hospice volunteer, I had the privilege of working with patients … Continue reading “My experience as a hospice volunteer”

A Reflection on Growth in Death

As “Marie” passionately detailed who had brought her each plant, I took note of the facts she shared about her family. From her daughters to grandsons, she named her loved ones with ease while proudly feeling the growing leaves and speaking on her previous love for gardening. Less than a minute passed before she turned … Continue reading “A Reflection on Growth in Death”

Learning How to Talk About Grief

When I first met “Janice” and her mother, I instantly connected in a meaningful and emotional way. I was not able to speak with the mother, who was ill, but I did talk to “Janice” quite a lot. She had a lot of things to take care of around the house and was getting stressed … Continue reading “Learning How to Talk About Grief”

A Breakdown of the Benefits of Volunteering for Hospice Care

A Breakdown of the Benefits of Volunteering for Hospice Care With regard to the hospice program by the Athena Institute and volunteering for Anova hospice, I have learned a lot as well as expanded upon my abilities as a potential future physician. I have worked with three individuals who were on hospice care or caring … Continue reading “A Breakdown of the Benefits of Volunteering for Hospice Care”

Listen First

When I joined the Athena Institute Hospice Volunteer Program, I will admit I was nervous. I had no experience with hospice, no idea how to talk to someone on hospice, and no real understanding of what hospice actually is. I soon came to recognize that the program itself is not really about hospice, but about … Continue reading “Listen First”

Hospice to Occupational Therapy- Putting People at the Center

I have developed the most meaningful relationship with the third person I was paired with in the Hospice volunteer program. When we first met over the phone in the fall, her mom was on hospice, but even since her mom passed away around Christmas time, we have continued to talk every week. With each call … Continue reading “Hospice to Occupational Therapy- Putting People at the Center”

Volunteering For Hospice

When I first applied to be a hospice volunteer, I didn’t think much about it other than that I wanted to volunteer in a hospital setting and that I had volunteered with the elderly population before. I didn’t realize how much I would actually end up learning over the course of the year. I learned … Continue reading “Volunteering For Hospice”

Understanding & Appreciating The Finites of Life

The first time walking into a patient room in a hospital as a hospice volunteer, I didn’t expect to feel as helpless with my patient as I did. Perhaps it was because as a college student, I hadn’t yet fully grasped the concept of death. Being young with dreams of a long and successful future, … Continue reading “Understanding & Appreciating The Finites of Life”

Accepting Impermanence

During the time I volunteered through the hospice program, one of the first patients I met was James, who surprised me with his positive outlook. He appeared pleasant and did not seem worried. He was very open about himself, his life, and how he ended up in hospice care. Initially, I had thought that most … Continue reading “Accepting Impermanence”