Overcoming the Relationship with Death

The concept of death was always something that I refused to let myself think about. It has never been considered taboo in my household or within my religion but the idea of living in a world without someone close to me always scared me. When I was younger, death was never something that affected me … Continue reading “Overcoming the Relationship with Death”

The Importance of Listening

As a pre medical student over the past four years at the University of Pittsburgh, I have gone through bouts of uncertainty as to if I should pursue a career in the medical field. I have always enjoyed science courses and discovering how things work, however, I was worried about whether the sacrifices would be … Continue reading “The Importance of Listening”

Cultivating Compassion in Medicine

Unconditional love is a dwindling privilege. I was blessed with a formidable support system. My grandma considered me as her “weakness,” but I always strive to be her strength as she was to me. Last year was the last time I saw her. Disheveled, emaciated, forlorn. Trying to memorize her face was futile. My mind … Continue reading “Cultivating Compassion in Medicine”

Health & Hospice Thoughts

I can summarize the entirety of my hospice experience by saying this: hospice is here to stay. Before the program, I read a book that estimated the number of Americans getting to that special age of 65 at about 7800 a day; the more recent estimates I’ve seen have that figure closer to 10,000. With … Continue reading “Health & Hospice Thoughts”

Because I could not stop for Death

“Because I could not stop for Death – He kindly stopped for me – The Carriage help but just Ourselves – And Immortality.” -Emily Dickinson This classic Dickinson poem resonates with me and my experiences in the Pre-Med Hospice Volunteering experience this past year. Before participating in this program and being educated about death and … Continue reading “Because I could not stop for Death”

Rekindling Light

My entire view of the healthcare field has done a complete 180 degree spin. I’ve always had a drastic fear of death for my loved ones especially in the hands of healthcare professionals. As much as I have always wanted to become a doctor, I have always been rather worried in regard to the quality … Continue reading “Rekindling Light”

Self Growth Through Hospice Volunteering

The Pre-Medical Hospice Program has been one of the most rewarding experiences I have had as a pre-medical student. It is easy to get bogged down by the classes and the technical aspects of getting into medical school. I feel like often as a pre-medical student people lose sight of what is important. They forget … Continue reading “Self Growth Through Hospice Volunteering”

My Experiences with Hospice

In the healthcare profession, we are told that dealing with death is difficult, and will continue to be difficult because losing our patients can make us feel guilty or responsible. It really is strange when you are the caretaker of someone and they just pass away under your care. That was not the most difficult … Continue reading “My Experiences with Hospice”

My Changing View of Death

4/23/17 Over the course of the eight months that I have been volunteering in the Hospice unit, I have learned a lot, not only about the medical profession but also about myself. Before this experience, death was always a very sad and scary concept to me. Because of my view on death, I liked to … Continue reading “My Changing View of Death”

Experiences with Hospice

Working in Hospice has made me realize how vital end of life training is within the healthcare system. I realized throughout this program that death is not synonymous with failure; rather, death is an inevitable aspect in every life. However, with proper care and support, death can even hold beauty. Although I do not think … Continue reading “Experiences with Hospice”