Death Is Not All About Sadness

I did not know what to expect when I arrived for my first visit as a hospice volunteer. I only had the information I was given beforehand. I was told that many patients in hospice have dementia or can be reluctant to respond, and I was a little nervous that I may have a difficult … Continue reading “Death Is Not All About Sadness”

Lessons of a Hospice Volunteer

During my time in this Pre-Med Hospice Program, I have been lucky enough to make four wonderful friends to people who have entered the final stage of their lives. However, one of these relationships had a deeper impact on me than the others. Part of the reason why I think I had a deeper relationship … Continue reading “Lessons of a Hospice Volunteer”

My Time with “Sally”

I had the pleasure of spending an hour with Sally nearly every Sunday from October through April. Although Sally initially seemed indifferent to my visits, she warmed to me overtime. By December, Sally remembered me between visits and would smile upon my arrival. After winter break, when I hadn’t seen her for a full month, Sally … Continue reading “My Time with “Sally””

Seeing Friendship Blossom

I was privileged enough have the same hospice patient the entirety of my hospice experience. It was very interesting to not only be able to watch my patient’s health as it progressed, and declined. But it was also interesting to be able to watch as our relationship developed. I had a very rough start with … Continue reading “Seeing Friendship Blossom”

Lessons to be Learnt

I’ve always been fascinated with the complexity and mysteries of the human body, and how medicine attempts to solve the puzzling questions of the human body. Medical school provides a comprehensive scope of knowledge that a doctor will need to know when treating and diagnosing patients. However, programs such as Holisticare Hospice exposes students to … Continue reading “Lessons to be Learnt”

A New Perspective

I was lucky enough to be with my patient throughout the entirety of the semester. Although she rarely remembered my name and the details of my background, I could tell that she recognized my face and was happy to see me. This recognition and appreciation of my presence made this experience incredibly worthwhile, especially because … Continue reading “A New Perspective”

The relationship I built with her is one that I will value and remember forever

The relationship that I developed with Mary through the Pre-med Hospice Program is one that I will never forget. For most of this school year, I looked forward to visiting Mary at Devon Manor. Every week, I would walk into her room and see her warm smile. She was so excited to have a visitor, … Continue reading “The relationship I built with her is one that I will value and remember forever”