Death is More

When asked why individuals want to become physicians, they often reply about the amazing experience that the medical career path provides, the lifelong relationships with patients, and their quest to establish their own heroic stories. Death is not often the motivation for wanting to become a doctor. Through Hospice, the experience of death, its meaning, and the importance of a doctor’s role in both the events leading up to death and their deliverance of the “death message” are better understood.
Death most often arises from medical circumstances, and it becomes the physician’s job to tell the family members of an ill individual that their loved one has passed. The deliverance of this message can often be a hard task, but it is imperative that this message is delivered in a confident and reassuring manner. However, this is often not the case. Since death is an uncomfortable subject, physicians generally have a difficult time conveying the message. This lack of confidence often enrages the family members and makes dealing with death much more difficult.
Without Hospice, I would not have been able to appreciate the process and appreciate the opportunity provided to me as a physician. Hospice has opened my eyes to the necessities that come with death as a physician. It is necessary to prepare family members for the possibility of death, to deliver details of the events prior to help family members better understand the circumstances, and most importantly, is it necessary to let family members know that as a physician, you will do everything in your power to keep their loved one at ease.
During my time as a Hospice volunteer, I have been able to develop a relationship with the patients, and their families. Through this experience I have been able to better understand that it is not what I say to the family during this difficult time, but my presence that helps them know that they are not alone. It has provided me with a type of relationship I have never been fortunate enough to have, and allowed me to better myself in my journey to become a physician.
Through the initial training and the semester meetings, I have become more aware of the compassion needed to enhance the meaning of life. This has helped me grow as an individual. I feel more prepared to begin my journey to become a physician and hope that the ideals instilled in me will help me become the best physician I am capable of being. I thought Hospice successfully prepared each one of their volunteers through the various events provided.  I am so happy I was able to be a part of this organization, and I look forward to continuing my visits next year.