My Time with “Sally”

I had the pleasure of spending an hour with Sally nearly every Sunday from October through April. Although Sally initially seemed indifferent to my visits, she warmed to me overtime. By December, Sally remembered me between visits and would smile upon my arrival. After winter break, when I hadn’t seen her for a full month, Sally … Continue reading “My Time with “Sally””

Seeing Friendship Blossom

I was privileged enough have the same hospice patient the entirety of my hospice experience. It was very interesting to not only be able to watch my patient’s health as it progressed, and declined. But it was also interesting to be able to watch as our relationship developed. I had a very rough start with … Continue reading “Seeing Friendship Blossom”

Lessons from AscendHospice

Coming into this program with no previous experience working in hospice or even volunteering in a hospital, I naturally felt quite hesitant and uncertain. My prior interactions with patients were very limited in scope and although I felt rather unprepared, I was very eager to learn more. I wanted to build on my ability to … Continue reading “Lessons from AscendHospice”

Lessons for a Lifetime

Although my year in the Ascend Premed Hospice program is coming to a close, I am very grateful that I had the opportunity to meet and learn the stories of not only the Hospice patients and staff but from Allie, Jake, and Chaplain Bridget as well. This volunteer experience has deeply affected my view of … Continue reading “Lessons for a Lifetime”

Thoughts on Being a Hospice Volunteer

Having grown up with my grandparents, it is difficult for me to fully accept that one day they would no longer be the pillars of our family. When I found out about the Hospice program, I submitted my application hoping to have an opportunity to interact with the patients who have also played significant roles … Continue reading “Thoughts on Being a Hospice Volunteer”

Forbes Hospice Reflection Essay

I would like to begin my reflection essay by stating how much of an amazing experience this past year has been. It has been a rewarding time in my life where I was able to aid people at there most vulnerable times. Not to mention, help their families through a loss of a loved one. … Continue reading “Forbes Hospice Reflection Essay”

Lessons to be Learnt

I’ve always been fascinated with the complexity and mysteries of the human body, and how medicine attempts to solve the puzzling questions of the human body. Medical school provides a comprehensive scope of knowledge that a doctor will need to know when treating and diagnosing patients. However, programs such as Holisticare Hospice exposes students to … Continue reading “Lessons to be Learnt”

A Different Type of Experience in Healthcare

Having had some exposure to hospice through my mother, who works as a nurse specializing in geriatrics, I viewed it as a unique experience in the healthcare setting. Additionally, however, I anticipated dealing with a degree of emotional trauma, as the life expectancy of the patients is less than those in other areas of healthcare. … Continue reading “A Different Type of Experience in Healthcare”

Hospice Reflection

When given the opportunity to volunteer with hospice patients at the Wayne Center in Wayne, PA, I was eager to help but also a little apprehensive. My mind was fresh with the death of my grandfather, who had been diagnosed with progressive supranuclear palsy just years earlier, a degenerative neurological disease with no known cure. … Continue reading “Hospice Reflection”

A New Perspective

Upon first arriving at the care center, I was a bit apprehensive. Although I had received training in how to interact with the patients, the idea of actually engaging a real patient face-to-face suddenly seemed rather daunting. After all, what could I really do that would make any difference in the life of someone at … Continue reading “A New Perspective”