Stories of a Lifetime

I approached my first hospice visit with a hint of apprehension. Up until then, my interactions with the elderly had largely been limited to my grandparents – relatives who had known me since my birth. With hospice patients, I was afraid that the intergenerational gap would be insurmountable – not to mention the inherent difficulties … Continue reading “Stories of a Lifetime”

Lessons for a Lifetime

Although my year in the Ascend Premed Hospice program is coming to a close, I am very grateful that I had the opportunity to meet and learn the stories of not only the Hospice patients and staff but from Allie, Jake, and Chaplain Bridget as well. This volunteer experience has deeply affected my view of … Continue reading “Lessons for a Lifetime”

Thoughts on Being a Hospice Volunteer

Having grown up with my grandparents, it is difficult for me to fully accept that one day they would no longer be the pillars of our family. When I found out about the Hospice program, I submitted my application hoping to have an opportunity to interact with the patients who have also played significant roles … Continue reading “Thoughts on Being a Hospice Volunteer”

A New Perspective

Upon first arriving at the care center, I was a bit apprehensive. Although I had received training in how to interact with the patients, the idea of actually engaging a real patient face-to-face suddenly seemed rather daunting. After all, what could I really do that would make any difference in the life of someone at … Continue reading “A New Perspective”