Just Sit Down and Listen

As I begin to think about my potential career path, working at the pre-med hospice was the first step to help hone my career aspirations. One day as I volunteered there, I walked past a lovely lady who laid in bed silently, staring into the abyss through her glassy eyes. Her despondent stare pierced my … Continue reading “Just Sit Down and Listen”

inspired by the end

What does dying look like or dying well or living well are they two separate things? i would guess that it is one process that we are choosing how we will die now we seem to pick paths without evidence without RHYME without REASON and if that is true what should we do what should … Continue reading “inspired by the end”

A New Perspective on Death

Death. A word typically tinged with sadness and heartache. Tears follow the remembrance of the loved one you have lost, and comforting words fail to make a change. Yet, what if death was not a process to mourn, but instead a process of final peace and hope? A family coming together to decide the most … Continue reading “A New Perspective on Death”

An Account of My Experiences

Volunteering at a hospice has been one of the most difficult things I have ever had to do. And this is beyond the fact that it is time on a Saturday that I could otherwise be studying or exercising or hanging out with friends and that it takes nearly 40 minutes to drive to the … Continue reading “An Account of My Experiences”


One Saturday afternoon, I was sitting with a group of patients in the cafeteria. Suddenly, the oldest patient, a 90-year-old woman with poor sight, fumbles for my hand, raises it high, and tells me to shout after her, “Hallelujah!” I awkwardly follow but she squeals in delight, “I did that!” Still ecstatic, she points to … Continue reading “Hallelujah”

Reflections on hospice and mundanity

To prepare for hospice I read essays and listened to interviews that reflected the intensity and gravity I expected from the experience. I watched documentaries from the perspective of hospice physicians and patients grappling with the heartbreaking decision to withdraw treatment. I imagined myself at the heart of these trying conversations and prepared myself for … Continue reading “Reflections on hospice and mundanity”

Death and I: Understanding Death and the process of Dying through the Hospice System

I am friends with Death. Perhaps, “friends” is not the correct word, rather I am an acquaintance of the faceless, omnipotent entity whose presence we are constantly reminded of in our lives. Whether in watching an ant clinging onto its last moments after being squashed or listening to news of a tragic bombing that news … Continue reading “Death and I: Understanding Death and the process of Dying through the Hospice System”

The Art of Medicine

“I will remember that there is art to medicine as well as science, and that warmth, sympathy, and understanding may outweigh the surgeon’s knife or the chemist’s drug.” – Louis Lasagna, 1964, Modern version of the Hippocratic Oath Compared to medicine as was practiced in the era of Ancient Greece, modern medicine is far more … Continue reading “The Art of Medicine”

The Little Moments

Coming into the Ascend Hospice program, I was a naïve young woman who has not had much experience in dealing with death, so I was not sure what to expect. After a year of volunteering, although I am still young, I can say that I am a little less naïve, and there are definitely a … Continue reading “The Little Moments”

Silent Company

Throughout my time at hospice, there were a couple patients that really stood out to me. One of these was an elderly woman with whom I was never able to have a real conversation. She always was in a wheelchair, pedaling her way between her room and the end of the hall. Toward the beginning … Continue reading “Silent Company”