A reflection on my time with Seasons

When I first applied to become a hospice volunteer it was because of my Grandma. She became a hospice patient this summer at 97 years old. I ended up spending about a month with her just to keep her company. I was really glad that I did for three reasons. The first reason was that … Continue reading “A reflection on my time with Seasons”

hospice reflection

My experience with Seasons Hospice has broadened my worldview of the concept of end-of-life care. I’ve stepped away from my preconceived notions that hospice care is a morbid and depressing institution. Instead, my experience and training has converted my views into seeing hospice care as a comforting and relieving process. Hospice care is not necessarily … Continue reading “hospice reflection”

A Journey of Understanding

Prior to being a part of Hospice work, I did not know anything about the background of death and dying. It was a topic that simply came and went as quickly as life itself. After the very first time of meeting my patient, tears rolled down my face when I was in the comfort of … Continue reading “A Journey of Understanding”

Hospice Volunteer

Being a hospice volunteer has been quite the learning experience. From meeting new people to gaining insight into the medical environment that contains the geriatric to realizing the importance of social interactions, this involvement has been full of realizations – both good and bad. Another important piece of the program was the weekly meetings. While … Continue reading “Hospice Volunteer”

Dancing Around Death

Dancing Around Death Death is not an easy topic to discuss. One may think doctors, whose job encircles death, would be comfortable discussing the dreaded topic. However, it is apparent that even they struggle to find the right words when addressing a dying patient or a family who has yet to be informed that they … Continue reading “Dancing Around Death”

No Death is the Same

I have grown in a significant way over the course of my Hospice experience. I came into it nervous and somewhat unconfident. A situation where I encountered dying and death has never happened to me before, but it was a challenge that I was willing to take head on. The part that was so nerve-wracking … Continue reading “No Death is the Same”

Challenge and Vulnerability

One of the earliest signs of my passion for medicine came when my grandma was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. I learned to be comfortable in a hospital environment from an early age. I was quickly exposed to the fragility of life when my grandma was in hospice care and gained an appreciation for the complexity … Continue reading “Challenge and Vulnerability”

How Visiting a Hospice Patient Let Me Revisit The Concept of Death

I have been lucky during my hospice experience to have the same patient since I was assigned her in November. I have been able to visit her fourteen times. The first day I was so nervous to go in her room and meet her. I wondered if she would know why I was there; I … Continue reading “How Visiting a Hospice Patient Let Me Revisit The Concept of Death”

Death and Communication

Hospice care is something I experienced first hand prior to this year. In 2007, as my mother was in her final weeks battling stomach cancer, we moved her from our home to a hospice care facility. Although I was only twelve, I remember this move as the time I finally realized that her death was … Continue reading “Death and Communication”


Throughout my experience working with Seasons Hospice, my beliefs and expectations about end-of-life care have been profoundly challenged. I found myself surprised by the relative magnitude in which thoughts about my last few months on Earth scared me when compared to my thoughts on death. An issue that is brought up frequently, but is very … Continue reading “Frustration”