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Searching for Courtship

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The Searching For Courtship Workshop is :

1.The Searching for Courtship book
2. The book on tape: 5 Audiocassette Library
3. An Instructional Videotaped Workshop: VHS
4. Personal Workbook

Single women will learn the answers to:

  • Where do we find the good men?
  • Should you date a man who is dating another?
  • What do you do if a man is attracted to you but says he is unable to make a commitment?

Would you like to conduct your own workshops for single women? Click here for the Workshop leader kit

Searching for Courtship: The Smart Woman's Guide to Finding a Good Husband

Purchase these items individually or as your own workshop kit and save $17.50

    1. The Book: The definitive and most comprehensive resource. To be read, reread, referred back to as a reference checklist as you see fit...at home, on a plane, train or bus, or on your lunch break. In her book, Dr. Cutler presents all her research advice to you. Click here for more info on Searching for Courtship book

          $24.50 (plus Shipping & Handling)

2. The book on tape, or Audio Library is the next most comprehensive resource: 5 cassettes provide a 275 minute reading from Dr. Cutler’s book , Searching for Courtship. The content is slightly edited, but not summarized, and read directly from the book by Athena Institute’s media relations manager, Glynis Gould, M.Ed. These tapes can be played in your "drive-time" commuting to work in your car, in your walkman while you exercise, or for hands-free listening at home. Workshop leaders can use them to prepare for, and/or as part of, their classes.

      $35.00 (plus Shipping & Handling)

3. The Videotaped Workshop presents Dr. Cutler conducting a live 103 minute workshop for volunteer women in a relaxed, informal setting. The video is convenient for private home viewing, at informal social gatherings of single women, or as an instructional tool in organized workshops. Click here for details of content. Note this videotape is recommended as a companion piece to the book and/or audiolibrary.
$19.50 (plus Shipping & Handling)
    4. The SFC Workbook is a supplement to the workshop components, and is an essential interactive tool for students attending an organized workshop. Note the workbook is not recommended for purchase alone, but to be used with the book, audiolibrary and/or video.

      $8.50 (plus Shipping & Handling)

For the Woman who is Single but does not want to be....
Prices for individual items and Workshop (all items) kit:

Searching for Courtship hardback (included in kit) $24.50
Searching for Courtship videotape $19.50
Searching for Courtship audio library $35.00
Searching for Courtship workbook 8.50
Total retail price for all items $ 87.50
Special price for full kit (hardback only)(plus Shipping & Handling) $70.00

Searching for Courtship paperback(not included in kit) $16.50

Background information on Searching for Courtship, the goal to improve women's romantic lives:

    Winnifred B. Cutler, Ph.D. founded the Athena Institute in 1986 with the mission of improving health care and quality of life for women. From her research as a reproductive biologist and her own experience as a single woman pursuing courtship and marriage, she wrote her book and subsequently developed workshops. Her message and biological perspective on relationships provide women with a clear road map that will lead them down the path to courtship, joyously and successfully.

    In her material, Dr. Cutler explains that the search for courtship is a definite, positive, process. Courtship is not a random activity that just happens. The Searching for Courtship curriculum is for women who have decided they are ready for courtship, who want to learn new ways of conducting themselves, who are willing to return to the path after making mistakes, and who see marriage as a worthy goal.

    Dr. Cutler developed the Code of Courtship as a plan of action to follow once a woman has decided she is ready for courtship and commitment. Below are several of the principles that will guide you to the goal of courtship:

    -- Strengthen you capacity for self control by taking command of your social calendar

    - Learn the basic hormonal and sexual facts that affect your health and happiness.

    -- Understand the importance of a positive first impression, and that first impressions can also be misleading.


For women interested in conducting workshops in their practice or community, we offer the:

Searching for Courtship Workshop Leader Kit (Click item photo for details):
Photo of SFC Workshop Leader Kit The Searching for Courtship Workshop Leader Kit offers a unique opportunity to both women who would like to organize and conduct group workshops with single women in their community... AND to practitioners (therapists, relationship counselors, social workers,) to use as a tool in their practices.
The Workshop Leader Kit provides extensive instructional support for you to walk you easily and effectively through leading your own workshop. These workshops can be as formal or as informal as the individual workshop leader decides. They may be held at adult education centers, church groups, singles centers or they may be hosted with several women in the your own living room.

As a Workshop Leader you will...

Obtain a ‘license’ and be eligible for use of Athena’s name and materials to promote and sponsor class sessions.

Receive a comprehensive "Workshop Leader Manual" which contains everything you need to run your workshop, including three lesson guides, or "syllabi", for varying course lengths, exercise sheets,class roster, evaluation forms and much more.

Be able to offer all of your students a 25% discount on Searching for Courtship item purchases

Be able to charge and retain workshop attendance fees at your discretion.

Receive published research in scientific journals by Athena Institute

Workshop Leader Kit Price: $229.00



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